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Museums and Galleries of NSW


We have two client groups; visitors who go to museums, galleries and Aboriginal keeping places and those who operate one. So our website is built in two parts – a public site which is all about cultural tourism and a sector site for resources and support so that cultural institutions can grow and develop.

We have a special allegiance to the tiny, the volunteer and the remote organisations and have several programs which address their special needs.

As an organisation we're involved with program delivery, professional development, small grant funding and Aboriginal cultural development projects. Put simply, everything we do is designed to improve the visitor experience.



We administer the Museums Standards Program in NSW which assists small and volunteer-run museums to maintain their collections and interpretive displays in keeping with Australian standards and industry best practice. This is important so that our cultural heritage is preserved for the future.

Our Museum Advisor Program connects museum professionals with small and volunteer-run museums. The advisor provides expertise in nominated areas of need–whether it is improving visitor experience or cataloguing their collection.

We continue to work with the Aboriginal Reference Committee and Arts NSW in response to the key recommendations from the successful summit Keeping Places & Beyond: Building Cultural Futures in NSW. We are part way through a project called Travelling Places that addresses some of these recommendations.

In addition, M&G NSW is committed to our Reconciliation Action Plan. By engaging in the RAP process, we are developing a deeper understanding of NSW Aboriginal culture while providing leadership to museums and galleries who want to have their own RAP.

We also work closely with the NSW regional gallery network touring major exhibitions through NETS, the National Exhibition Touring Support agency of which we are the NSW member. In this role we help develop, coordinate, and provide practical hands-on assistance in coordinating travelling exhibitions around the state and further afield.

M&G NSW delivers a range of seminars, workshops and helps organise and deliver conferences annually. The highlight is the IMAGinE awards celebrating excellence and innovation across the sector.


As a result of extensive consultation with sector representatives, stakeholders, funding agencies and staff during 2014-2015, Museums & Galleries of NSW (M&G NSW) adopted a new strategic framework based on a refreshed Purpose and defined Methods and Outputs, within a clear and ethical set of Values outlining what we stand for and how we behave.

The NSW Government cultural framework, Create in NSW, and the NSW State Plan have also informed our approach and highlighted the importance of cultural engagement and participation to achieve strong sustainable communities.

Our stated Values and Purpose position us well to ensure that galleries, museums and Aboriginal cultural centres can contribute to this vision and are able to reflect, challenge, involve and support their communities in a variety of ways.

Our Values:

Respect for Aboriginal people and their right to cultural ownership and more generally for the diversity of opinion and knowledge
Relevance to contemporary cultures, government policy, industry, community and sector needs 
Collaboration to develop and deliver services
Inclusivity of diversity of practices, range of knowledge, access, disability and special needs 
Integrity be trustworthy, accountable and transparent

Our Purpose: 

To support small to medium galleries, museums and Aboriginal cultural centres in NSW to maximise their impact and help create strong and thriving local communities.

The museums, galleries and Aboriginal cultural centres of NSW provide historical, contemporary and future context. They tell stories about their communities and reflect on what they might become. Their programs record history and grow ideas; they generate and support creative processes that contribute to economic, social and health related wellbeing. They help build resilient and sustainable communities.

M&G NSW respects and encourages this contribution. In support of it we acknowledge that cultural impact is also achieved by placing an emphasis on excellence, access and strength. Lively and relevant engagement ensures program activity is best understood through meanings created, community involvements generated and connections achieved by galleries and museums themselves, and by our work serving and supporting what they do.




M&G NSW reports on our year's activity in our Annual Review. They detail outcomes of our programs and projects and provide information about our funding and financial position. Take a look.


Download 2011 Annual Review (1.6 MB)Download 2012 Annual Review (525.4 KB)Download 2013 Annual Review (4.4 MB)Download 2014 Annual Review (3.8 MB)Download 2015 Annual Review (2.7 MB)



Our 2016 -18 Strategic Plan has been prepared in response to sector-wide consultation,
reference to Arts NSW funding guidelines and Create in NSW (2015) priorities. In doing so, this
plan outlines our Values, Purpose, Methods and Outputs towards achieving targets set.

Our Methods and Outputs or, ‘what we do’, are built around four key areas: delivering Services,
providing Resources, creating Connections, and observing strong Governance.

Our work, reporting framework and performance indicators are aligned to these areas to achieve
outcomes consistent with M&G NSW’s Values and Purpose. This Strategic Plan also supports the
ambitions outlined in Create in NSW; that are to drive Excellence, Access and Strength within the
NSW arts and cultural sector.


Download Strategic Plan 2016-2018 (2.5 MB)



Everyone who works with M&G NSW in a paid or volunteer capacity follows our Code of Conduct.

This code defines the ethical framework for our decision-making, and outlines the standards of behaviour required to maintain the effectiveness of M&G NSW as a service organisation. It also demonstrates the commitment of the organisation to provide a secure work place, and provide dignity and respect for all.


Download Code of Conduct (81.6 KB)



If you are working with M&G NSW as a volunteer or intern, you are protected by the Volunteer Policy contained in the Handbook. You are asked to read and abide by the policies contained within it as well as the Code of Conduct.


Download Volunteer Handbook (241.6 KB)Download Volunteer Acknowledgement (43.7 KB)


M&G NSW is a not-for-profit organisation that receives core funding from the NSW Government through Arts NSW, with additional funding from project grants. M&G NSW is also assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory board.


M&G NSW is located at The Arts Exchange in The Rocks, Sydney.