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Multimedia Art Asia Pacific (MAAP)

MAAP has been operating since 1998. The organisation was established to bring focus to “unmapped” media art activity from Australia, Asia and the Pacific. Between 1998 and 2006, MAAP cultivated an international reputation for annual and biannual media art festivals. In all, MAAP produced 7 international media art festivals across Brisbane, Beijing and Singapore, encompassing collaboration and representation from 14 countries. MAAP explores media art through critical exhibition and research initiatives that engage the region’s major and emerging practitioners and producers. MAAP projects have commissioned new work by many of the region’s most important contemporary media artists, including: Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Zhang Peili, Yang Zhenzhong, Feng Mengbo, Charles Lim ( and *CANDYFACTORY PROJECTS. MAAP – Media Art Asia Pacific (MAAP) has been based in Brisbane since 1998.

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