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Broken Hill Art Exchange

Founded in 2001, the Broken Hill Art Exchange is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers. The aim of the organisation is to promote and support artists and the progress of art. It develops workshops and projects between visiting artists and create partnerships and linkages between educators and local businesses. 

The organisation's concept of exchange operates on multiple levels, between different art practices, industries, communities, and the exchange of skills, knowledge and resources. Currently the main focus is on developing opportunities in music, performance festivals, new media/digital technologies and experimental art spaces. 

Broken Hil Art Exchange welcomes the growing interest from universities to establish campuses and facilities within the city. These initiatives present the opportunity to promote Broken Hill as a place for creative innovation in the areas of research and development and enable engagement between global and local interests in art. The long term vision of Broken Hil Art Exchange is to continue developing our international artist residency to create a link between academic and regional art practices.