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In early 2001, ANAT together with the Performance Space (Sydney) and PICA (Perth) submitted a tender to the New Media Arts Board to run the Time_Place_Space hybrid performance laboratory.

This initiative was developed by the New Media Arts Board as an opportunity for Australian performance practitioners to develop skills within the area of interdisciplinary practice.The tender was accepted by the New Media Arts Board with the Performance Space managing the project and a curatorial committee comprised of Fiona Winning (Performance Space Director), Sarah Miller (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art Director) and Julianne Pierce (ANAT Director).

Time_Place_Space will take place over several years, with the first workshop taking place at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga in September 2002. This is an important initiative for ANAT to be involved with, as it develops a collaborative partnership with national organisations and supports the development of the relationship of performance with new and emerging technologies.

Participants in Time_Place_Space1 were:
Keith Armstrong (QLD)
Leon Ewing (WA)
Catherine Jones (NSW)
Steve Bull (WA)
Ruth Fleishman (VIC)
Kelli McCluskey (WA)
Mick Byrne (OLD)
Brian Fuata (NSW)
Russell Milledge (OLD)
Anna Davis (NSW)
Paul Cazzola (WA)
Jason Sweeney (SA)
Scott Howie (NSW)
Karen Therese (VIC)

Guest speakers in Time_Place_Space1 were:
Stephen Armstrong (NSW)
Angharad Wynne-Jones (VIC)
Rachael Swain (NSW)
Andrish Saint-Clare (NT)
Helen Simondson (VIC)
Josephine Wilson (WA)
Yuji Sone (NSW)

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