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Synapse 6: Catherine Truman and Flinders University


The Synapse initiative supports creative partnerships between scientists and artists through the residency program, a database of international art/science collaborations, an archived discussion list and the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage program, which supports longer-term partnerships between artists and scientists in academic research settings.

Catherine Truman + Department of Anatomy and Histology, Flinders University (Adelaide, SA)

Understanding the human body and its representation is a requirement across diverse disciplines including science, philosophy and the creative arts. For medical students, however, the capacity to learn and remember detailed human anatomy is crucial to their studies and their future professional lives. In this Synapse residency, artist and former Australia Council of the Arts Fellow, Catherine Truman, worked alongside Professor Ian Gibbins, Head of Anatomy and Histology at Flinders University, to build upon their earlier collaborative research activity investigating pedagogical tools, processes and environments that have the potential to optimise the uptake and retention of anatomical learning. 


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