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8 June 201310 June 2013

Sur><South is an ongoing media concept that is being facilitated and hopefully will be incubated by many Latin American, Australian and International new media artists.

Sur><South envisions the development, design and implementation of new strategies for collaboration within a decentralized, international networks of digital culture – a network of networks, with participants implementing a series of virtual and physical projects and events that take advantage of contributors’ pooled resources in order to foster cooperative development, growth and self-sustainability.

In its virtual tentative capacity, Sur><South is a web platform featuring different tools for exchange, documentation and dissemination – an evolving, collaborative platform for collective incubation, production and coordination of a range of digital culture initiatives.

The platform intends to hold the capacity to facilitate remote articulation of projects undertaken by interdisciplinary actors who seek to analyze and develop alternative solutions for various contextually informed social issues faced by threatened, disadvantaged and/or marginalized communities. The platform also intends to perform a secondary function as an Open Archive – a database housing the collaboratively produced content of its users, including data, research and information, theory, documentation, outlines of methodologies and prototype technologies that will be freely and publicly accessible.

A three-day Sur><South workshop held in Sydney during ISEA2013 was attended by number of Chiliean and Australian artists along with several more remote viewers who participated online. The workshop utilised an Open Space format and methodology via which the participants arrived with no preconceived outcomes, but simply with the intention to meet, discuss and generate new ideas in real time, with the view to conceptualise strategies for realizing a range of collaborative outcomes beyond the event.



UNSW College of Fine Arts
Sur><South @ ISEA2013, Day 1