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SALA Moving Image Project


The SALA Moving Image Project was an annual exhibition of new works by South Australian Visual Artists who work with the Moving Image.

Artists exhibited works in a variety of public arenas, including Street Projections, Shop Front Installation, Cinema Screenings, Video Wall Exhibition, Internet Streaming and Live Performance. ANAT supported SALA in both 2004 and 2006 by hosting the following works:

  • 3 Cities - Francesca da Rimini
  • 5star - Francesca da Rimini
  • Empty Vessels -Susan Bruce
  • Blue Gretchen Mercedes
  • The International Men of Leisure-Gundam
  • I love the machine -Andy Petrusevics
  • Two places at once -Kath Dooley
  • Mudlarks -Francesca da Rimini
  • Nasiryah - Francesca da Rimini
  • Rockin Riga - Andy Petrusevics
  • Sculpture as a dynamic act - Sarah Crowest
  • Meltdown - Tall Storeez
  • Waiting for Var - Jo Holmes View
  • Never odd or even - Peter Dyson
  • Animated sonata for train station waiting area - Luku
  • Fallen Plaza Goodnight Underwear, MK911, & The GND - Andy Petrusevics
  • Light Play - Monica Prichard
  • Autumnal Ephemeral - Poppi
  • DoserDissolve - Tracy Cornish
  • We Used To Be Heroes - Nikki Wieland
  • Tabibanashi - Mack Wilson
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