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Roger Malina and Carl Loeffler Tour


During 1990 ANAT coordinated an Australian tour by two of the key figures in the international art and technology community, Roger Malina (Editor, Leonardo magazine) and Carl Loeffler (Executive Director, Art Com), both from San Francisco.

Carl and Roger visited Adelaide, Alice Springs, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Ballarat and Sydney. They presented talks in each of these cities, gave radio interviews and visited organisations with links to the art and technology community.

Carl and Roger participated in events held as part of Adelaide Festival's Artist Week. Carl participated in a panel titled Mass Media and the Culture Project and they both participated in the seminars, which ANAT organised titled Art in the Age of Post-Mechanical Reproduction. Other panelists were Sally Pryor, Paul Brown and Russell Kirsch, another international visitor supported by ANAT. These panels were held in conjunction with the Stelarc performances, a collaborative ANAT/Experimental Art Foundation project. These performances were held at the EAF, and were titled Laser Eyes, Automatic Arm and Third Hand

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