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Resistant Media - Pespecta 99


Resistant Media - Perspecta 99 was undertaken by ANAT as part of Perspecta 99.

It existed solely on the internet, as web exhibitions by participating artists and a listserv where the artists in this project, as well as artists and writers contributing to Perspecta and the general public, had an opportunity to discuss the politics of art and the internet and develop tactical media strategies collaboratively.

The Resistant Media website featured live streaming video and audio of the Perspecta 99 forum. The artists participating in this project were: Andrew Garton, Scot Mcphee, Melinda Rackham, Francesca da Rimini, Sam de Silva, Josephine Starrs and Rick Vermey.

Each of the artists work with various strategies in online technologies. In the four weeks leading up to Perspecta, a number of the artists were invited to moderate or provoke discussion on an email listserv. Many international events now use listserv technologies to develop discussion and dialogue prior to and during conferences and symposia. This has rarely been done in an Australian context. The intention for participants and audiences of Perspecta 99 was to be able to develop conversations around the Perspecta 99 theme: Living Here Now: Art and Politics. The discussion list for Resistant Media was complemented by an exhibition of pre-existing web based projects by participating artists, which address the possibilities and pitfalls of developing a politically grounded art practice through the Internet. The key question addressed though this project was whether notions of resistant media are simply self-serving, or whether artists, as activists, can utilise communications technologies in order to reach their target audiences. Or do we simply communicate with ourselves. 

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