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Remembrance + The Moving Image

21 March 200331 August 2003

Are memories like movies? Can they be recorded? Can you capture their yearning, their dread, their jubilation? Featuring spellbinding artworks by leading artists from around the world in ACMI's acclaimed screen gallery, Remembrance reveals how deeply our memories can move us.

An unforgettable experience that draws on the visitors' own memories, Remembrance will affect everyone in unique and unexpected ways. Evoking and challenging the intimate memories that sustain and shape our past, present and future, Remembrance immerses the visitor in explorations from the romantic to the confessional, from the spiritual to the taboo.

The exhibition included the following works:

Robert Arnold - The Morphology of Desire (Loop)
Naomi Bishops, Richard Raber - Traces
Jem Cohen - Black Hole Radio
Gina Czarnecki - Versifier
Anthony Discenza - Suspension
Gustav Deutsch - Film Ist (1-6)
Péter Forgács - Bourgeois Dictionaries & Meanwhile Somewhere
David Haines, Joyce Hinterding, Scott Horscroft - Undertow 1999
Tehching Hsieh - One Year Performance
Andrea Lange - Refugee Talks
Les LeVeque - 4 Vertigo
Chris Marker - Immemory
Debra Petrovitch - Uncle Bill
Alexander Sokurov - Spiritual Voices
Andrish Saint-Clare - Trepang
Geshe Sonam Thargye, Sue Ford - Mind of Tibet
Bill Viola - The Passing
Emily Weil - Platform 1