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Opening of ZKM Museum

19 October 1997

ANAT assisted the Goethe Institut, Sydney in joining 20 Goethe Instituts all around the world on the internet, delivering multimedia commentaries on the human image.

The project Global Teleconference - Salon Digital, based on a concept of Australian media artist Jill Scott, celebrated the opening of the media art museum at the Centre for Art and Media - Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM), Karlsruhe, Germany.  ANAT coordinated the participation of Australian artists in the Sydney event included Stephen Jones, Lloyd Sharp, Julie Rrap, Sam Schoenbaum, Nigel Freyne, nervous_objects, John Tonkin, Jason Gee and Sarah Waterson.

Artists contributed images, texts and sound to the web site prior to and during the event, as well as delivering work during the liveCUSeeMe event at the Goethe Institut. During the evening the Goethe Institut was connected 'online' with institutes in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul and the ZKM, Karlsruhe. Local content in Sydney included sound, text and image contributions to the ZKM web site, which was being projected locally, whilst simultaneously poetry readings, video and slide projections, text and sound works were all being fed into the CU-SeeMe project. Whilst unexpectedly high traffic levels and demands on the ZKM site provided some difficulty in getting sounds and images from other sites around the world, the combination of sending works to ZKM and projecting video, the web site and CU-SeeMe made for an exciting and dynamic evening.

Prior to the live link-up there was the premier screening of a new video work by Alan Schacher Bridge Of Hesitation. Funded by the AFC's New Image Research and supported by the Goethe Institut, the work was conceived by Schacher and performed with two other members of Gravity Feed; Peter Oldham and Michelle Mahrer with sound by Gravity Feed's collaborator Rik Rue from Machine for Making Sense and Social Interiors. This project was an initiative of the Goethe Institut and the ZKM. ANAT provided technical advice and assistance with artist liaison.

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