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New Constellations - Art Science + Society


New Constellations: Art, Science and Society conference was presented at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney across three days.

It examined how the worldwide trend towards engagement between scientists and artists is changing the definitions, methodologies and practices they use and how they view the social implications of their work. The Conference grew out of the three year collaboration between artist Dr Mari Velonaki and roboticists Dr David Rye, Dr Steve Scheding and Dr Stefan Williams at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics at the University of Sydney. The objectives of the Conference were to examine the relationship between art and science in contemporary culture and to bring together leading international and national practitioners and thinkers to stimulate discussion, debate and collaboration.

New Constellations greatly increased the visibility of this sector attracting both local and global participation. Keynote speakers included Ruzena Bajcsy (USA) , Elizabeth Grosz (Aus/USA) and Steve Kurtz (USA . Conference proceddings were published on CD and several papers will be published in Leonardo.

ANAT launched the Synapse 2006 residencies at a special event during the conference. 


Museum of Contemporary Art
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