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Nerve 9

19 October 200530 October 2005

Premier Season

Nerve 9: the Flesh of Everyday Speech

A dance score in 9 movements

Dance & Direction Tess de Quincey
Visual & Sonic Poetry Amanda Stewart
Audio Visual Sequencing Debra Petrovitch

Text Francesca da Rimini
Design & Image Editing Russell Emerson
Lighting & Digital Design Richard Manner

Weaving between the work of three of Australia’s most acclaimed women artists and around writings by Julia Kristeva, dancer Tess de Quincey invites you into a feminine space, an environment where body and textuality coexist.  This is a raw and edgy layering where resonances of women’s culture and female sensibility are assembled in a crosscultural, interdisciplinary synthesis.


Nerve Nine
Nerve Nine, – via YouTube 
Tess de Quincey: Nerve9 (photo: Russel Emerson)
Tess de Quincey: Nerve9 (photo: Russel Emerson)