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MoPho Workshop Electrofringe

27 September 200628 September 2006

ANAT presented a free workshop for artists working with the mobile platform as part of the Electrofringe Festival. The workshop was developed by EPIC intern Sasha Grbich and presented by Australian Media Artist Ian Andrews.

Mobile Phone Creative Content Workshop
The two day workshop, run by artist Ian Andrews, focused on the creative potential of mobile phones. Participants learnt to encode and transfer digital work to phone and explored the possibilities and restrictions of creative content for the small screen. The workshop also provided the opportunity for artists to workshop and discuss ideas as well as undertake testing and development of their own works.

Ian Andrews is a Sydney based independent film, video and sound artist who has been practicing in digital media since 1981. Beginning with experimental audio collage, Andrews gradually moved into the production of film and video, and before becoming interested in electronic music, digital animation and interactive net art. Much of Andrews’ work consists of video/sound collage utilising a diverse range of visual styles – from animation to “found” footage. Andrews works have been exhibited at various international film and video festivals in Edinburgh, Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Naples, Catania, Amsterdam, Berlin and Wellington, as well as numerous events throughout Australia. Andrew was selected as a participant in the Mobile Journeys Masterclass and subsequent exhibitions.

Electrofringe is a hands-on, all-in, new media arts festival dedicated to unearthing emergent forms, highlighting nascent trends and encouraging young and developing artists to explore technology and its creative possibilities. Electrofringe 2006 was held in Newcastle from the 27th of September to the 1st of October as part of the "This Is Not Art” Festival. The MoPho Workshop was a free event held on 27th and 28th of September.

The workshop was run over 2 days and recorded 25 attendees plus casual attendances. The workshop was presented by ANAT, with support from the Electrofringe Festival.