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Mind the Steps!


Mind the Steps!: a selection of time-based art works produced in Australia

Curator: Atanas Djonov
Platforma Video 7, Athens, Greece 2007

Artists: Atanas Djonov, Alan Giddy, Cab Huf, Hobart Hughes, Peter Humble, Sandra Landolt, Sumugan Sivanesan, David Mackenzie, Kate Murphy, Lena Christine Obergfell, Helen Sturgess, Jamil Yamani, Mahmoud Yekta

Mind the Steps is a rich programme of time-based art works produced in Australia, characterised by a variety of genres and approaches to video art. The selection features experimental film and video works, animations and music-based art. It is compiled to represent the socio- political and economic factors that have influenced the Australian video art scene during the last decade. The represented artists vary in their socio-cultural background and status, as well as in their political and artistic orientation.
Mind the Steps raises awareness of art's potential to give rise to socio-cultural and political progress. The program’s title also reflects the strong sense of uncertainty regarding the status of video art that is still evident in both Australia and globally.

Atanas Djonov