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Metaphysical TV Tour to North & South America

29 August 198812 December 1989

In 1988 Mark Titmarsh received funding from the Australian Bicentennial Authority to tour the Metaphysical TV Program of Super 8 films first screened in 1987 to venues in the US and Venezuela. The film program was the same lineup of films originally screened in Australia and was toured to the following venues.

Metaphysical TV, at The 15th International Festival of New Super 8 and Video, Caracas, Venezuela, 29 August 1988.

Metaphysical TV, at The Collective for Living Cinema, NYC, 10 December 1988

Chicago Filmmakers Cinema, Chicago, 21 January 1989

Boston Museum School, Boston, December 1989

In 1988 Titmarsh was interviewed about the films and tour on ABC Radio National on the program The Deep End, Radio National, interviewed by Amanda Stewart.

Andrew Frost
Selected objects
Resistance Today
Resistance Today, – via YouTube 
From Macbeth’s greatest hits, via d'archive
From Macbeth’s greatest hits, via d'archive – from Macbeth’s greatest hits, via d/Archive 
From Resistance today, via d'archive
From Resistance today, via d'archive – from Resistance today, via d/Archive 
From S.S.S., via d'archive
From S.S.S., via d'archive – from S.S.S., via d/Archive