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MAAP 2002


MAAP 2002 (Multimedia Art Asia Pacific), previously staged in Brisbane, was held in Asia for the first time.

ANAT collaborated with MAAP by co-curating a program of interactive and net artworks for presentation at the Millennium Monument, Beijing, China. The four works selected by ANAT were Uncle Bill (Debra Petrovitch), Juvenate (Michelle Glaser, Andrew Hutchison, Marie-Louise Xavier), Hotel (Brogan Bunt) and Aborginal_Ancestors (Jason Hampton).

These were included in a CDROM/Net Art program comprised of 14 artists from Australia and Asia. In addition to this program, there was an exhibition of installations and a screening program. 

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Selected objects
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opening Uncle Bill Interactive CDROM - Documentation Artspace Installation, – from Uncle Bill, via Vimeo