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19 October 201228 October 2012

Created by Denis Beaubois, William McLure and Jeff Stein.

The Impasse project was part of the Melbourne Festival and sponsored by Dunlop Foams. Due to popular demand, attendance quotas to Impasse were tripled. More than 600 visitors experienced the Impasse and a number of visitors returned to become 'regulars'.

Impasse was built as a fully immersive installation made from 50 blocks of foam (2.08 m wide X 2.08 m high and 1 m thick). It was composed of three main sections. The first, a long corridor in which visitors had to literally carve out a space with their bodies. The final area of the first corridor included a tower which was 9 meters high - which some visitors could not resist climbing. The second section included: a maze like catacombs that had three levels where visitors could climb and play; and two video wells - where one could watch a slow eclipse. The final section of the installation involved a fully immersive red lighting state with a black void as an ending - a mesmerizing and optically challenging space.



Melbourne Festival
Impasse, Denis Beaubois, William McLure and Jeff Stein – via Vimeo