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Holoshop: Drawing and Perceiving in Depth

7 June 201316 June 2013

This exhibition showcased collaborative holographic and stereoscopic video artworks developed by Associate Professor Paula Dawson in collaboration with the Holoshop research team. Envisaged as an interactive holographic laboratory, it demonstrated the interactive Holoshop tactile interface and its creative potential as a tool for holographic and new media artists.

Alongside an interactive Holoshop tactile interface are new holographic artworks, including computer-generated laser holograms (CGH), digital holographic prints and stereoscopic animations created by Paula Dawson. While demonstrating the technical achievements of Holoshop research, Holoshop: Drawing and Perceiving in Depth also reflected Paula Dawson’s exploration of the effects of spatial and temporal imagery on human consciousness and perception.

Selected objects
– via 
Hyperobject: Homeland, – from Hyperobject: Homeland, via Vimeo