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Henry Hoke's Guide to the Misguided

10 August 201012 August 2010

The exhibition Henry Hoke's Guide to the Misguided was presented by ANAT in association with National Science Week at the National Science Week 2010.

Throughout much of the twentieth century, in an isolated workshop on a dusty windswept plain, Henry Hoke laboured mightily to conceive a string of dazzling inventions that, to this day, still defy the imagination. Hoke inventions including Demagnifying Glass, Waterproof Tap, Wooden Magnet, Long Weight, Dehydrated Water Pills and Barbed Wire Watering Can have now almost vanished from the public gaze.

The Institute of Backyard Studies has devoted many years of research into Henry Hoke’s life and works, and with the aid of like-minded colleagues around the country and, indeed, around the world, has recommenced some limited commercial operations of Hoke’s Tool Company.

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