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Graham Harwood Australian Tour

30 September 1995 9 October 1995

During 1995 ANAT coordinated an extensive Australian tour for UK multimedia artist Graham Harwood.

The tour was hosted by Artspace (Sydney, 30 September), Tasmanian School of Art (Hobart, 3 October), Experimental Art Foundation (Adelaide, 4 October), Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (Melbourne, 7 October) and Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (Perth, 9 October). 

Harwood presented lectures on his extensive body of work, including illustrated computer-generated comic books, product relabeling, underground newspapers and books, and his prototype CD-ROM. In addition to lectures, he ran a full-day workshop in Hobart, and conducted meetings with a number of cultural organisations and artists in each city. 

This tour was the first installment of ANAT’s Virogenesis project, initiatived of Francesca da Rimini.

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