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An expedition through the airwaves

October 1997

ANAT took to the airwaves, broadcasting live from techno radio station, Radio Dex 96.9FM in Sydney.

A selection of sonic momentos programmed by ANAT's Information Officer, Honor Harger, showcased sound artists from Adelaide and Sydney. Radio Dex, a community radio broadcaster in Sydney have a commitment to playing innovative electronic music, surveying the space between techno music and audio experimentation.

In order to culturally contextualise this music, Radio Dex programed a series of shows which explored the interface between technology and music. As part of this series, ANAT were invited to contribute four one hour long programs. Featured were System X's Jason Gee alongside Zonar Recordings Brendan Palmer; Zina Kaye, of the Sydney based Anti Destination Society, Michael Grimm with a work produced in collaboration with Francesca da Rimini Adelaide based sonic experimentors, mesm.eon (MatthewThomas and Nik Gaffney) and artist collective nervousobjects.