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Dome Lab

31 October 2010 5 November 2010

Dome Lab was held at the University of Western Australia in Perth and was an intensive, strategically-focused residential workshop for mid-career filmmakers emphasising a trial-and-error approach that prioritised risk-taking and experimentation over and above ‘finished product’.

The workshop brought the world’s leading fulldome experts together with their local counterparts in order to build upon Western Australia’s existing creative and research capabilities and to ensure that Australian artists are at the forefront of developments in fulldome content production.The tutors selected for Dome Lab were a mix of Australian and international researchers and artists who were chosen for their abilities in transferring skills and expertise to  maximise the research capabilities of the Australian creative industries.  They were:

  • Paul Bourke (AUS)
  • Warik Lawrance (AUS)
  • Peter Morse (AUS)
  • Ben Shedd (USA)
  • Jonathan Strawn (USA)
  • Hue Walker (USA)

The artists and filmmakers selected to participate in Dome Lab were: Michael Angus (QLD), Michele Barker (NSW), Mark Bolotin (NSW), Grayson Cooke (NSW), Yvette Coyne (WA), Teresa Crea (SA), Sarah-Mace Dennis (NSW), Martin Fox (VIC), Lindi Harrison (NSW), Sohan Ariel Hayes (WA), Chris Henschke (VIC), Donna Kendrigan (VIC), David Kirkpatrick (NSW), Claire Leach (WA), Michela Ledwidge (NSW), Robert Pickles (NSW), Paul Ricketts (WA), Jeffrey Skinner (WA), Lindy Taylor (SA), Matthew Tierney (VIC), Julie Turner (NSW), Tanya Visosevic (NSW), Daniel Walsh (WA). 


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