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Deep Immersion: Scientific Serendipity


In 1999 ANAT commenced the Deep Immersion: Scientific Serendipity series of artist/science residencies.

From 1999 to 2001 four residencies took place with Australian artists working on science based projects: Oron Catts & lonat Zurr (WA) at the University of WA Dept of Anatomy and Human Biology; David Rogers (NSW) development of Earthquake Simulator; Justine Cooper (NSW) at American Museum of Natural History NY; Adam Donovan (Qld) at Underwater Acoustics and Ocean Measurements, Maritime Operations Division, DSTO (SA).

The Scientific Serendipity publication documents these residencies through artist interviews conducted by Kathy Cleland plus illustrations, statements from host organisations with contributions by Linda Cooper, Terry Cutler and a commentary by Rich Gold (initiator of PARC artist-in-residence program (PAIR) Palo Alto).

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