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Closing the Loop

9 March 200012 March 2000

Closing The Loop (CTL) was an international research and performance project examining how sound, technology and gameplay can conspire to promote collaboration and inventiveness across networks. The CTL 2000 project aimed at investigating the effectiveness of techniques for net based collaboration. CTL 2000 was divided into two distinct phases. The first phase (incorporating a Research Laboratory and a Social Laboratory) took place at two venues in South Australia earlier this year. At the Research Laboratory, a number of artists, pseudo scientists, technicians and geeks from around Australia, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and New Zealand gathered together to examine sound technologies and online networks with a view to collecting and compiling these experiences into a coherent form. The manifestations of this research were presented (live and online) at a Social Laboratory in Port Adelaide on 12 February 2000. Phase two, the culmination of these activities, took place at Biomachines in Port Adelaide.