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AVF '87 - Video Festival Awards

4 September 198710 September 1987

[AVF '87 catalogue, p.60ff]



  • Computer Graphics: Videos with largely computer-generated imagery, based on technology and the process of image-making.
  • Corporate Video: Video produced for promotional purposes of any nature.
  • Documentary: The recording of events political, social, domestic and international, focussing on video as a documentive tool.
  • Drama/Narrative: Myth and storytelling, hypotheticals, theoreticals, based on fact or fiction.
  • Music Video: Based on sound, music and image, not only in the popular music context but experimental/contemporary as well.
  • Video Art: Experimental styles pushing video to its extremes, encompassing all aspects of innovative image creation, text, sound and music.

The Australian Video Festival is pleased to announce the winner of the OANTAS prize for the most outstanding student work:

Steven Westh - Not Quite Nirvana, Swinburne Film and Television School

Australian Video Festival Awards Judges:

  • Computer Graphics, Fred Harden, Peter Machin, Sally Pryor, Andrew Quinn
  • Corporate Video, John Cameron, Peter Crawford, Helena Libershal
  • Documentary, Hart Cohen, Jinx Dulhunty, Ross Harley, Adrian Martin, Peter Ross, Annmarie Willis
  • Drama/Narrative, Digby Duncan, Dave Perry, Michelle Royer
  • Music Video, Simon Drake, Amanda Reed-Young
  • Video Art, Stephen Jones, Martin Muntz, Bernice Murphy

Computer Graphics

1st Prize: James Blomfield - Channel 9 I.D. Channel 9/ZAP Productions.
2nd Prize: lan Thompson and Felicity Coonan - Women '88 Titles, The Video Paint Brush Co.
Non-Broadcast: Pointing out the range between high and low technology:
Equal 1st Prize:
Jean-Marc Le Pechoux - Camera Mythica, The Video Paint-Brush Co.
John Salmon – You Can’t Lose, Enmore Music CO.

Judges Selection/Merits:

Anna Namuren/Channel 9 - Beetle and Egg promos for 9's Sports Sunday,
ABC/Video Paint Brush - Memphis Clapperboard

Captain Rom - Evening toadsongs (ribbit)
Tina Hamilton-Martin - Opening titles for The Golden Years Of Hollywood
Robin Wright - Opening title for the Channel 9 Sunday Show
Margaret Kelly - Personal Paint Box Graphic called ICTV

First Prize donated by Videolab,
Second Prize donated by Sony Magnetic Media Tape Division

Corporate Video

Best Corporate: 1st Prize: Chic Stringer - Who Needs A Lawyer? Provision

Best Training/Educational: 2nd Prize: H. Worth - Switching On, Audio Visual Education/Dept of Education, W.A.

Judges Selection/Merits:

Broadcom Corporate Video - Schroder's International Property Fund
Stephen Covens - Financing Victoria's Growth

Chic Stringer - Courting Stress
Stephen Covens - Regrowth Hardwood Felling

First Prize donated by Tram Broadcast.
Second Prize donated by Sony Magnetic Media Tape Division.


1st Prize: Philip Tyndall - Someone Looking At Something.
2st Prize and Outstanding Student: John Pinto – Bare Rabbit

Judges Selection/Merits:

Glen Singleman/Chris Hilton – A Spire

First Prize donated by Frame, Set and Match
Second Prize and student prize donated by Sony Magnetic Media Tape Division


Lucinda Strauss and Tony Wilson with More Than A Friendship for their efforts in integration of people with disabilities into the Community.

They would also like to commend:

Gary Hinsby and Q.O.L.I.C. (Quality of Life Improvement Centre) with their production Thats Entertainment

A prize was kindly donated by the Premier's Department.


1st Prize: Ross Harley, Stuart Cunningham and Susan Charlton – One Block From Heaven
2nd Prize and Outstanding Tertiary Student: Steven Westh - Not Quite Nirvana, Swinburne.
Outstanding High School Student: Ailsa Taylor - Aidem News The Team You Can Trust, Sydney Girl's High

Judges Selection/Merits:

Lounge Couch Productions - Off the Red Couch Bjaalid/Dobson/Elliot/Goodnow/Jokovich/Kanna/Looper/Pederson/Scott
Barbara Dowling - I Don't Know You Anymore
Wayne Enright - A Stranger Comes to Town
James Bogle - One Room To Let
Michael Offer - The Stronger
Chris Windmill - Congratulations Gazelle-Head

First Prize donated by Audience Motivation
Second Prize and Student prizes donated by Sony Magnetic Media Tape Division

Music Video

1st Prize: Ian Hartley - Bang Bang Love Cage.
2nd Prize: Meaningful Eye Contact - Don't Dream It's Over, Crowded House.
Outstanding Student: Michael John Gilmore - Too Much Acid, Pineapples from the Dawn Of Time, Bathurst

Judges Selection/Merits:

Mark Cochrane and Susan Davis - Take A Walk On the Wild Side.
Charlie Revai - Round and Round
Warren Burt - String Trio #2
Peter Westheimer - Move
Electronic Data Corporation - Electronic Data
Axolotl - Red Zone

First Prize donated by Fairlight Corporation
Second Prize and student prize donated by Sony Magnetic Media Tape Division

Video Art

1st Prize: Dave Perry - My Dutch Newsreel.
2nd Prize: Simon Von Wolkenstein - Snow
Outstanding Student Prize: Anna McNulty and Carmella McDonald – EXIT, NSWIT

Judges Selection/Merits:

Andrew Petrusevics - The Video For Today.
lan Hartley - Kau Boys
Simon Biggs - Le Desir

First Prize donated by Audience Motivation
Second Prize donated by Sony Magnetic Media Tape Division

Compiled from AVF '87 catalogue by Stephen Jones