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AVF '87 - Video - Art - Music - Performance Night

4 September 1987

The Australian Video Festival, 1987


Chauvel Cinema

Video Art from New York, Curated by Sally Couacaud

David Daniels – Buzzbox (1986) 15 mins. (Courtesy of the Kitchen)
Animated TV frenzy, hi-resolution diarrhoea

Robert Longo – Music Video (1986) 10 mins.

  • Bizzare Love Triangle with New Order
  • Peace Sells But Who's Buying with Megadeath
  • Go Boy Go with Golden Palominos

John Sanborn - Selection
Courtesy John Sanborn and Mary Perillo. Thanks to Henry Gillespie and Stephen Goddard.

  • Dance Ex Machina. John Sanborn and Mary Perillo (1986) 2 mins
  • Luminaire. John Sanborn and Dean Winkler (1985) 6 mins.
  • Ear Responsibility. John Sanborn and Mary Perillo with David van Tiegharn (1985) 7 mins.
  • Sister Suzie Cinema. John Sanborn (1985) 23 mins.
  • Fractured Variations. John Sanborn and Mary Perillo with Charle Moulton (1986) 7 mins.
  • Visual Shuffle. John Sanborn and Mary Perillo with Charle Moulton (1986) 7 mins.
  • Galaxy. John Sanborn and Mary Perillo with David van Tiegham (1987) 5 mins.

In creating innovative, experimental and popular work that seeks to breach what Sanborn calls the separate ghettoes of art and television, Sanborn has been acknowledged by Jean Paul Fargier in Cahiers du Cinema the "unparalleled master of the video medium".

The Kitchen Presents: Two Moon July, Directed by Ed Bowes. (1986) 57 mins. (Courtesy of the Kitchen)
Thanks to Henry Gillespie and Stephen Goddard.
A lyrical collage of performance, music and visual art made for television. Two directors conduct a rehearsal for a live performance. Performances by Laurie Anderson, David Byrne, Molissa Fenley, Philip Glass, Bill T. Jones, George Lewis, Arto Lindsay and Tony Nogueira, Evan and John Lurie. Visual Art Installations by Jonathon Borofsky, Brian Eno, Cindy Sherman and Robed Longo. Video and film by Vito Acconci, Michael Auder, Dara Birnbaum, Bruce Connor, Kit Fitzgerald, Gregory Miller, Eric Mitchell, John Sanborn and Bill Viola.
The Kitchen is an internationally acclaimed centre for video, music, dance, performance, and film. Situated in central New York it is a video distributor, presenting space, producer and conduit for artists and art projects.

Sherre de Lys, Jamie Fielding, John Gillies
A rare performance by this experimental music group which combines music and video in an often austere and compelling way. Included is vocalist Sherre de Lys, keyboard player Jamie Fielding, video maker and drummer John Gillies and sound by Shane Fahey. Musical histories of the members include Mind/Body/Split, Great White Noise, and Jon Rose.
Previous performances include Piccadilly Hotel, Tin Sheds, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (Melbourne) and the Gun Turret (Darwin).

Ian Hartley – Cage of Love
A video performance. Ten action-packed minutes.

Sally Couacaud (entry compiled from AVF '87 catalogue by Stephen Jones)
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