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AVF '87 - Video Art Awards entries

7 September 1987

[2nd AVF catalogue, p.84]


Simon Biggs - Le Desir (Prisoners)
Addresses notions of difference (sexual, psychological) suspending distinctions through a poetic and associative approach to the media.

Mark Boswell - How to Prevent Scurvy with Limes
A social study shot in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

Adam Browne - Flesh Garden
A young romantic gives cancer flower to his girlfriend.

John Cheeseman - What Instrument do you Play?
Adaptation of a French poem attempting to demonstrate the circularity of TV viewing and main roads.

Clifford Clawback - The Effect
A reconstruction of the deconstruction of the moment of horror.

Hugh Drake - Hiroshima Non Amour
A brief requiem for the victims of Hiroshima and reminder of the horrors of nuclear devastation.

Fran Dyson / Peter Giles - A Cat Born in an Oven Video
A video clip, scratching the surface of TV, techno-culture, soundart and popular music.

Eclectic Enterprises -
Robot Visions

Robotic visions are a matrix of self-cancelling digits of Angstrom magnitude.
2CVs are no longer in distribution in Holland - may they continue to excite.
AWAS Kepala (Watch Your Head)

Technology allows us to get into the brain and see what is/isn't there.

Pete Enright - Puppets
A montage of two dancers layered with surreal special effects cut to up-tempo electronic music.

Bart Feldman - Gen III
Computer generated graphics from music with keyed-in video.

Gregory Ferris - Wait A Minute
Exploring aspects of rhythm, both visual and audio in set pieces.

Tony Forde - Eyebeam
Colours, patterns, abstractions and original music. A revelation of the mystery of the electronic sub-struction of reality.

Mary Anne Green - Hi-ho Silver Away
Radioactive machine people - get them out of here for starters. Radioactive - where do we throw it.

Ian Haig - Good Morning This is Today
TV stars, news personalities and screen presenters Bryant Gumble and Jane Pauley arrive in Melbourne.

Ian Hartley - Kau Boys
People cut-up.

Leigh Hobba - Turnaround Time
Video Dance

Wayne Howard - Whiteman’s Law: Do Kabaroos Live in Tents?
The theme of a painting only travels as only video can.

Greg Hoy / Mary Arm Hamilton / Lois Randell - Wolli Creek
The work was designed to represent the feeling of being within the bush environment using essentially 'static' scenes and moving soundscape to convey the changed perceptions of space and time to a TV ambience.

Ilmar Karusso / Carrie Beejan / Miriana Marusic (Bring Philip Productions) - Failing From
... an open ended journey ...

Anthony Lane - IO (ai-ou)
An attempt at purging to escape or realise the futility of trying.

Phyllis Laspitis - Movement in a Body of Water
Shots of water, crashing waves, girl dancing in garden, chroma key of ocean.

Marcelle Lunam - Strawberries and String
Cowboys and destiny meet in a whimsical romance with just a touch of fairy floss.

Jose Macalino - Video Synthetic Poetry
A series of video poems. Psyching up only to fall back in reality, the emptiness of it all.

Lech Mackiewicz - The Dance
Video painting about two (three?) people.

Matt Mawson - Cryptomnesia
Mix of Home Movies and borrowed images. Low-lech treatment. As accompaniment to original soundtrack.

Sue McCauley / Dennis Claringhold (Arlana Productions) - Blobs and Bloops
Experiment in a TV studio. Using the medium to create images in conjunction with video feedback,

Anna McNulty / Carmella McDonald - Exit
An exploration of what can await you after death.

Milan Milojevic / Leigh Hobba - Last Waltz

Declan O'Gallagher - Perpetual Silence

Robert O'Hearn:
- Semi-abstract rhythmic edited eye movements.
- Rhythmic movement of a human body and the video field - semi abstract.
A Strain on the Eyesite
- A procession of twitching faces caught in a factory-line rhythm of covered eyes.
Tentative Paintings -
Abstract paintings that move, explorations of rhythm, tone and colour in mannerisms of vii eo material.

Simon Penny:
Seven Posture

The Next Day
- Stripped down almost nostalgic performance video.
I Know Neither
- Digital animation for interactive robotic sculpture.

Dave Perry - My Dutch Newsreel
Re-examination of older work - a study of European landscape.

Andrew Petrusevics (Andrew Petrusevics and the Busstops) - The Video for Today
Various versions of the perception of propaganda in society simulated for today.

Christopher Thorburn - Sydney Time Lapse
A time-lapse study. Shot and edited (one frame at a time) entirely on Betacam.

Julia Tressider/Anna Munster - Switch
Experimental video dealing with issues of sexuality and bodies and their representations.

Cary Webb - Tails of Nod
Narrative art video about how desire can become destructive.

Simon Von Wolkenstein - Snow
Heart-rending love story about two people made famous by television.

Sally Couacaud, director. [entry compiled from AVF '87 catalogue by Stephen Jones]