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AVF '87 - Drama / Narrative awards entries

10 September 1987

[2nd AVF catalogue, pp.80-82]


Kathryn Bice - Silent Partners
Demo tape for two mime artists - four skits.

Catherine Birmingham - The Worrier
A young man's subjective reality includes an interminable encounter with an unsympathetic father offering money and a cold addict girlfriend.

James Bogle - One Room to Let
Four people come to share an undersized flat near the beach until an unexpected visitor accidentally determines everybody's future.

Giles Bozec - Truncated on Wang
A young rock and roll musician's lifestyle falls apart when his file is accidentally deleted from the social security computer system. He is pushed into situations he never dreamed of or did he?

James Browne - While Poor Men Work
A hit-man is brought out of retirement for one last assignment while bungling police attempt to gather further evidence on a crime boss under investigation.

Stewart Carter - The Glass House
An old tale of revenge for infidelity with explosive introspection.

Andrew Corby - 25 things with 5 feet of string
Student assignment: to present 25 examples of explorations into properties, functions, processes and implications of five feet of string.

Greg Dalmas - Flowers
Drama about a young man's search for fulfilment

Barbara Dowling - I don't know you anymore
Is she a sick woman, or is she normal but driven to an edge? Glimpses of personal growth and the crisis it brings in the long term.

Wayne Enright - A Stranger Comes to Town
A utopian fantasy on the universal theme of happiness, the meaning of life and tourism.

John Fisk (Who's on first amateur film group.) - James Bomb 4711
A comedy satire of the James Bond movies using Bond Movie Music.

Bernadette Flynn (Insight Video) - Children of the Trees
The video tells the story of the organisation "Children of the Green Earth" who work with trees to nurture earth awareness in children.

Marcelo Goddard - Return to Earth
A science fiction comedy of epic proportions.

Ross Harley / Stuart Cunningham / Susan Charlton - One Block from Heaven
A child, a woman, a man. The story is over before it begins.

Maxwell Harrison (Harrison, Preston, Smart and Associates) - Trashpig
Inner City Municipal Authority destroys innocent ratepayer’s life.

John Hipwell - Ace the Pilot
Ace is an experimental childrens' drama TV pilot about a boy who discovers a spaceship and the adventures that follow.

Andrew Home - Soft Riots/TV News
Visualised poem by Richard Tipping.

Wayne Howard - Steeped
About the process of cultural education, TV and symbolism.

Steve Johnson - Real Dreamers
Deals with the difficulties a young man faces in trying to gain an education in a country where the mass media dictates our way of thinking and conservative governments waste money on expensive advertising campaigns.

Kim, Yang il - Echo
Science-fiction/narrative about time travel and unfortunate results between the relationships of characters.

John Koulaouzos - The Gimmick
A comedy in which an incompetent artist creates a living paint. A friend soon points out the failure of his creation.

Ben King - Terminant Status
Black comedy about bureaucracy.

Rodney Lochner - The Warehouse
Film noir parody with a silly pun.

Lounge Couch Productions - Off the Red Couch
Adrienne has realised that her relationships with men are somewhat based on the relationship with her father. She seeks an analyst and finds that as the analysis progresses the space inside the room becomes increasingly unfamiliar.

Jose Macalino - Bandera
The world of fear and hate and war. This is the real reality and mine is not.

Lech Maciewicz - The Dance
Video painting about two (three?) people.

Penny McDonald - Day of Mourning
Should Australians celebrate 200 years of 'settlement' in 1988 is the theme of this work explored through drama and documentary.

Joseph McKenna (West Amigo Video) - Swag
A hitch-hiker who just wants to make the surf break the right way turns the Year of the Homeless into a wacky absurdist romp.

Sally Merrett and Daina Austen - Coming Aphrodite
Relationship between artist/model - subject/object.

Darren Nelson - The Classroom
Drama about a man who confronts a demon by accident.

Dianne Nelson - Egg
Girl lost newborn in a bathroom (running water baths and plug holes).

Patrick Nogara - It's just so hard to get it
A writer at work.

Michael Offer - The Stronger
An August Strindberg play adapted for television. A play about sexual politics between two women,

Open Channel Co-op. Lid. - Whereas the People
Commissioned by the Australian Constitution Convention Council, this is a tongue-in-cheek drama about Australian Constitution.

George Pavlou - Married Life, Act III
Depicts a depraved writer delivering a monologue about his loving, canabilistic and necrophilic fantasy.

Bob Phelps - The Shadow Falls
Marcia's lover persuades her to go off the pill and to marry him. Past and present events heighten her apprehension. Marcia resolves her conflict by reclaiming her independence,

Riju Ramraka - Rhonda and Charles - A Modern Post Romance
Balancing the books of romance between drinks in a night club.

Paolo/Battisata Remati (REM Productions) - Montaggio
On his 50th birthday, Ottavio Reggani, an artistically frustrated accountant, fills in the gaps in his life with the assistance of Frederico Fellini and a couple of VCR's.

John Samaha - Quick to Judge
After 35 years at the spare parts store, Audley’s had enough, he wants to seek a creative outlet.

Aaron Stevenson - Ranko II
Spoof on films such as Rambo, Mad Max and Crocodile Dundee. A tongue in cheek parody.

Ailsa Taylor - Aidem News The Team You Can Trust
A group of high school students look at the mass media.

Garth Thomas - Splattermovie
A Drama/thriller.

Steven Westh - Not Quite Nirvana
An old man of independent temperament suffers the indignities of old age and commital to a nursing home.

Chris Windmill - Congratulations Gazelle-Head
A chamber farce about a shop-girl under stress. It is also an oblique portrait of a servant's status in an hierarchical organisation.

Toby Zoates -

Four Youths barricaded into a room tell tales of life in the inner-city with musical interludes.
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compiled from AVF '87 catalogue by Stephen Jones