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AVF '87 – Documentary awards entries

7 September 1987

[2nd AVF catlaogue, pp.79-80]


Christine Anastasi - It doesn't kill you - a film about MS
People with multiple sclerosis talk about the disease and how it has affected them.

Trevor Avedissian (Hillbrook Motion Pictures) - The Verbier Connection
Skiing documentary shot in Switzerland and Australia featuring Australia's top racers.

Russell Balsdon - Newcastle’s Bloodstream Coal
To show one of Newcastle's and the Hunter Valley's greatest mineral wealth (coal).

Mark Boswell - Shelburne Bay
The first film that has been produced by Mark Boswell. An aesthetic study of the last unexplored region of Australia's East Coast.

Botany Multicultural CYSS - Video Production
A documentary about what Botany CYSS is. Who goes there, what one can do there.

Tammy Burnstock - Almost Winning
An exploration into gambling in Australia.

Gaynor Cooper (MWS 9 Adelaide) - Bridge to Independence
Audio-visual account of Bedford Industries - an organisation for the rehabilitation of people

Gillian Coote (SBS-TV) - The Awakening Bell
Vietnamese Zen Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh visited Australia recently. This program backgrounds his amazing life and work.

Stephens Cozens (Gallery Films) - The French Collection
Documentary about the authentication of a collection of French Post-impressionist and Realist Paintings held by the Bendigo Art Gallery.

Mark Eliot - The Ringer
A documentary about the life of a ringer in the outback of Far North Queensland.

Steven Faux (South East Cultural Trust) - Pinching Time
Made by a group of prison inmates and young offenders, as a community arts project, to help stop young people from going to jail.

Geoff Fitzipatrick Rockhampton - Kooraba - Crocodiles New Beginning
A look at the life cycle of Australia's saltwater crocodile.

Michele Fitzsimmons - Struck Out
Depicts the SEQEB dispute in Queensland in 1985. It details the history of the event and analyses the reasons behind the strike and its failure.

Marcelo Goddard - Oz against Apartheid
Documentation of 2 benefits for the African National Congress.

Greg Grainger - White Fury - the Untamed Tibet
World's first rafting expedition in Tibet. Rare sky burial footage, World's highest whitewater bid,

Rob Guillemot (Gold Corp.) - Everyman's Gold
Documentary about Australia's goldmining.

Colin Hawke (University of Sydney Television Service.) - Fostering Enquiring Minds: Databases in the Classroom
Graphic demonstration of the use of databases in the classroom.

Frank Heimans - Paradise Camp
A film about the greatest Nazi Hoax - the great propaganda cover-up of the town of Theresienstadt during WWII.

Judith Hewitson / Ian Lang (Hands On Video) -
Go For It

A Video for aboriginal youth showing 5 aboriginal career role models in North Queensland.
People Of Hope

A portrait of the Aboriginal community of Yallambee who form a corporation to aid their fight for the land outside Mt. Isa.
Boarding School

An aboriginal guide for prospective students and parents to reduce the 'cultural' shock of going to 'white' boarding schools.

Greg Hoy (Metro Public Television Workers) - Sydney Public Television Window
The singularly most important independent work broadcast in 1987. The work advocated the diversification of TV forms and socio-political structures and argued for the introduction of public TV through community, art, and experimental media works.

Glen Lewis (KCAE Library Students) - Books and the Bicentennial
A docu-drama about what books are likely to be published next year and what they say about Australia.

Andrew Litchfield - Out and About
A portrait of the mentally disabled living in the community. A community education video for the Richmond Unit, NSW Department of Health.

Jose Macalino - Intersection via EDSA
Documentation of a performance presented in the middle of a street intersection.

Shalagh McCarthy (University of Sydney Television Service) - Palliative Care ... Is Reaching Out
A tape made for the Sacred Head Hospice showing the extent of their palliative care, patient responses and the home visits of carers in outreach care.

John Maddock (RAN Training Technology Unit) - Macquarie Island Resupply - A Stalwart Effort
An overview of HMAS Stalwart's voyage to the Australian sub-Antartic to resupply the Governments scientific station at Macquarie Island.

Tony Manion - Ethnic Community Display & Ceramics

Nail Mansfield - Loud and Clear (Student Anti-fees Rally)
Documentary of the student's anti-fees march through Sydney on Wednesday March 25.

David J.S. Mason (Transit Video Productions) -
Surf out

CYSS surfing competition held at Manly Beach,
Australian Comic Artists

New Business Venture set-up by Australian Comic Artists to produce an adult horror comic.
T.C.'S Manly

Youth drop-in centre in Manly facing a funding crisis to remain open.

North Head Quarantine Station
Restoration work done at the North Head Quarantine Station,

Mark McKenzie (Art Resistance) - Cross Section
An insiders response to life in Kings Cross narrated by artists, workers and residents in the area.

Marrickville CYSS - Bicentennial Blues
Interviews and music around Bicentennial Blues,

Anna McNulty / Carmelia McDonald - Exit
An exploration of what can await you after death.

Louise Meek (University of Sydney Television Service) - A Changed Kind of Reality
A poignant and moving film of six diverse people facing terminal illness with courage and determination.

Honor Metcalf (Sound Images) - The Raine Legacy
The legacy of Mary Raine, particularly the redevelopment by the University of WA.

Andy Mutandi -
Surveillance City

Expose of the Police Tragic Video surveillance system in Sydney and its potential for misuse.
It's a Long Way to the Top

A documentary verite of a journey inside the girders to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Darren Nelson - Robbie the Fashion Designer
A brief profile on a successful fashion designer who lives in Sydney.

Bryon Nichols (Media Services Section, EDU) - The Sky's the Limit
Documents a series of innovative recreational programs for the elderly in institutionalised care.

Mark Nichols (TAS TV Tasmanian Television Ltd.) - Taylor's Tasmania Southwest Wilderness
Edited highlights of documentary featuring camera mount used for extensive aerial photography plus narrated explanation.

Open Channel Co-op. Ltd. -
Game to Play

Produced for Film Victoria in association with the Department of Sport and Recreation, to examine children's involvement in sport and encourage participatory aspects rather than competitive.
No Myth

This Documentary explores the myths surrounding Australia's most hidden crime: domestic violence.
Mother Tongue

Both drama and documentary are used to describe the experiences of women from non-English speaking backgrounds coming to live in Australia.
Old Ground, New Ground, School Ground

Six children from different cultural and social backgrounds discuss their experiences of living in Australia and their hopes and aspirations for the future.
Nuclear Conversations

Is three self-contained programs comprising interviews with leading international proponents of nuclear disarmament.
Choosing a Feeding Supplement

Designed for use as an information tape for dairy farmers, this program was produced for the Department of Agriculture and was commissioned as a pilot for the Agricultural Video Series.

Phil Parnell (Louise Webb and Phil Parnell) – Camperdown
A retrospective documentary on conflict between tenants and RPA Hospital, Camperdown

Craig Pearce - Brat Cats
Documentary about a young theatre group who travelled to Czechoslovakia to compete in an international theatre festival.

Francine Penrose - Woorabinda
An insight into an aboriginal settlement which is in the change over period to self councilling.

John Pinto - Bare Rabbit
Documentary about the processing of rabbits.

Veronica Pritchard (Artsco) - Willain Kelly - Painter and Projects
On the studio work of the artist and his many collaborative projects in drama, dance and film.

Riju Ramrakha / Lola Matheus - Once the Children Come
Women in cross cultural marriages - family and social reactions to mixed race marriages.

Daniel Ray - For Sale
On development at Cottage Point, Kuring-gai National Park.

Roger Sandall - The Bhavard Predicament
Shows land dispute between farmers and herdsmen in Western India.

Paul Scott / Stephen Stockwell - Big Things
Queensland politics and other roadside attractions. The real big things revealed.

Noriko Sekiguchi - I Think I Will Learn Japanese
Australian schoolchildren struggling to learn Japanese language at primary school.

Glen Singleman / Chris Hilton - A Spire
The story of the first climb of Sydney Tower.

Harry Smith (H. Smith and Associates) - Nhulunbuy: A Special Place in the Sun
Low Budget documentary on Gove N.T.

Royce Sutcliffe (CTV-1 Community Cable Television) - South Sydney Community Video
This is the premier CTV-1 transmission - the first community cable TV in Australia. Test transmission to begin in August in Redfern, NSW.

Philip Tyndall - Someone Looks at Something
An art documentary which looks at the works of Australian artist, Peter Tyndall.

Tony Wickert (Summer Hill Films) - A Place of Great Consequence
Installation video produced for showing in Elizabeth Bay House to stimulate the interest of visitors and tourists. Produced for the Historic Houses Trust of NSW.

Tony Wilson / Lucinda Strauss (Tony Wilson Productions Pty. Ltd.) - More Than a Friendship
A film about citizen advocacy, a grass-roots movement which aims to integrate people with intellectual disabilities into the community.

Tony Wright (Video Projects) - Contract with Debt
Educational dramatised documentary using innovative 'comic strip' Newsmatte techniques to raise issues about consumer credit and discrimination.

Toby Zoates (Guttersnipes) - Darling it Hurts
Seven years in the life of a singer and a suburb.

Compiled from AVF '87 catalogue by Stephen Jones