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December 2001

In early December 2001, ANAT launched the Arcadia publication. Arcadia aimed to delve into confluences between art, technology and theology. This investigation is part of the larger Deep Immersion project, which provided thematic focuses for ANAT's activities over the three-year period 1998 to 2000.

The process of Arcadia has been to bring a range of people into contact with ANAT, and to create a dialogue about contemporary interpretations of cosmology, religion, theology and the arcane in relationship to recent thinking about science and technology. The research component has been directed by Samara Mitchell, who as a writer and thinker has a long-term interest in relationships which might exist between theology and technology.

The first component of Arcadia involved research into existing writings on this subject, which formed the basis to develop an online discussion between Australian and international writers and theorists. The final component of this research period is this publication, which brings together the results of Samara's research with commissioned images and texts as well as existing writings.

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