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Anne Landa Award 2007

17 November 200711 February 2008

Art Gallery of New South Wales
Art Gallery Road
The Domain, Sydney

Artists: Philip Brophy, Daniel Crooks, James Lynch, Tony Schwensen, Grant Stevens, Monika Tichacek, Daniel von Sturmer

"The Anne Landa Award is the first award exhibition in Australia dedicated to moving image and new media arts. It was initiated by Sophie Landa and Edmund Capon in 2004 to honour Sophie's mother Anne Landa, a long serving trustee of the Art Gallery and enthusiastic supporter of the arts. The award includes the presentation of recent work and the commissioning of new projects.

"The individual approaches demonstrate some of the methodologies artists are employing in relation to the moving image, including endurance performances, hand-painted animations and images warped or entitely produced by digital applications. From a focus on the body, to text, dream pictures and objects in space, this year's Anne Landa Award presents an array of diverse and challenging work." [Art Gallery of NSW Press Release]

Art Gallery of New South Wales