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1994 National Summer School


The Fifth National summer School in Computer Aided Art & Design was staged at Curtin University, Perth. 

Perth based artist and Curtin University Computer Centre employee, Sue Perry coordinated the equipment needs of the school and then went on to provide valuable, patient tuition. Adelaide based artist, John Tonkin was the other full time artist tutor in the program. 

Jon McCormack, the Melbourne based animator visited the school for four days, demonstrating Wavefront software on a Silicon Graphic machine. John discussed and presented his work to the participants. 

The following artists participated in the school:

  • Linda Carolli (QLD)
  • Elizabeth Edwards (QLD)
  • Caellaigh Norman (SA)
  • Steven Housten (SA)
  • Tom Kantor (Vic)
  • Allyson Bell (Vic)
  • Mahalya Middlemist (NSW)
  • Kathy Smith (NSW)
  • Felix Radcliffe (Tas)
  • Dorothy Erickson (WA)
  • Martin Phillips (WA)
  • Erica Cheu Yen doing (WA)
  • Moo-Hon Hiew (WA)
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