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Strange Land Vol 1 Miner, John A. Douglas, Video

John A. Douglas’s work uncovers images of ideology (with a particular focus on lm) and Strange Land Vol 1 continues this ongoing exploration. The setting of the various scenes is Glen Davis - a metaphor for a Golden Age of rural/industrial Australia now passed and passing: a shale oil...

Oottheroongoo, Julie Dowling, Video Installation

Journeys aiding memory are something we are all familiar with. For the most part, they take the form of viewing a family photo album or reliving and sharing oral histories. In Julie Dowling’s Oottheroongoo (your country), we are invited to accompany the artist on a recent journey to her ancestral country. As...

Rotator, Volker Eichelmann, Ruth Maclennan, Video

Volker Eichelmann & Ruth Maclennan, Germany/UK, Rotator, 4 mins, 2000

Wake, Tamara Elkins, Jaqueline Cavallaro , Video

Wake is a collaboration between myself, artist Jacqueline Cavallaro and musician Jamie Basic. It explores female sensuality and the Venus archetype, making special reference to Botticelli's The Birth of Venus (1482-1485). It is a movement based video work in dialogue with set design, costuming and sound composition.   Tamara Elkins with Jaqueline...

Big Car Retread, Tom Ellard, Stephen Jones, Video

Written: Tom Ellard, 1989Produced: Robert Racic, 1990 Designed and Directed: Garry Bradbury Actors: Garry as the bottle top welder, Richard as Ganesh, Robert as the hamburger, Tom as the centurion (and angel) Dancers: Katherine, Becky, Leah Sets and Costumes: John Bartholemew, Garry Bradbury, Simeon Steel Amiga 500 & 2500 graphics:...

Canine, Tom Ellard, Stephen Jones, Video

Written: Tom Ellard, 1987Produced: Tom Ellard and Robert Racic, 1987 Enacted by Skank, Arms and Bud Direction: Garry BradburyWrestler: Tom Ellard Video Edit: Stephen Jones at Heuristic Video Concept, masks and contraptions by Garry Bradbury, Simeon Steel and Richard Bolton

Commodore 64 videosynth test, Tom Ellard, Video

This was a test of using the commodore 64 home computer as a video synthesiser in around 1985. The patterns are created by direct manipulation of the VIC display chip reading a paddle input. This followed on from a similar attack on a Vic20 home computer which...

John Frum, Tom Ellard, Video

Kato Gets The Girl, Tom Ellard, Video

Everybody starts somewhere. This is an excerpt from an overly long video piece I recorded from late 1984 into early 1985. I shot the footage on a VHS port-a-pak which I lugged around Sydney, Australia, looking for who knows what. I cut the scenes into small hypnogogic...

Glimpse, Alexia Estrellado, Video

Glimpse explores the different thoughts that linger when we are alone and catch reflections of ourselves in the mirrors around us.   Alexia Estrellado, Glimpse, 2015, digital video, audio, 2:43 min

DUNE, Lux Eterna, Video

Lux Eterna’s work D U N E refers to infinite passages of time, the shifting earth and a bodily experience of the elements to meditate on a sense of disorder and lack of control inherent to all organic forms and matter. Bodyweather practices refine sensitivity in the body, muscles and...

1985 January  
Steve's Falcon, George Evatt, Video

20 mins. Video by George Evatt; Music by Andrew Frost

Aqua/ocean, Merilyn Fairskye, Video Installation

Two-channel vertical video Colour, silentMaster tape: HDCAMAvailable HDCAM, DigiBeta PALShot on HDV  "Aqua/ocean continues the Aqua series of works, which depict people immersed in different bodies of water. On a grey day, surfers paddle out towards a ship that passes without stopping. A rainbow arches across the overcast sky."  Merilyn Fairskye Camera/Director/Editor:...

Aqua/pool, Merilyn Fairskye, Single channel video work

HDV, Digi Beta. Silent. 09:16In a sequence of silent, improvisational fragments, a camera observes a swimming pool from the 17th floor of a hotel in Miami. Nothing specific is revealed. In the blurred movement of the swimmers, the distinction between body and water is...

Fieldwork I (Echo Point, Giza, Pripyat), Merilyn Fairskye, Video Installation

Three-channel video installation 3 custom screens (168 x 300cm)Colour, stereo sound Fieldwork continues my longstanding interest in the relationship between the still and moving image. As with my recent works, Stati d’Animo (2005-07) and Aqua (2007), time and duration come into play in different ways in each of these new works: Fieldwork I (Echo Point, Giza, Pripyat) (2009)...

Fieldwork II (Chernobyl), Merilyn Fairskye, Video Installation

Single channel video projection Colour, silent Fieldwork continues my longstanding interest in the relationship between the still and moving image. As with my recent works, Stati d’Animo (2005-07) and Aqua (2007), time and duration come into play in different ways in each of these new works: Fieldwork I (Echo Point, Giza, Pripyat) (2009) andFieldwork II (Chernobyl) (2009). 

Precarious, Merilyn Fairskye, Video

SYNOPSIS Twenty-five years ago Reactor No.4 at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded. In the aftermath, people, and radiation, were dispersed across the Soviet Union. Over 600,000 “liquidators” participated in the cleanup. 8,000 people still work there to contain the contamination.

Stati d'Animo/60 Seconds/07, Merilyn Fairskye, Single channel video work

HDV, DigiBeta, 04:25 mins, Stereo. 04:00 loop. 60 one-second sequences of anonymous travellers captured at 18 airports.

Doppelgänger, Ellen Formby, Video

For many, the ‘uncanny’ is experienced when something repressed or alienated has been awakened in our consciousness, which may seem strangely familiar (Schneider, 1999). At the same time, this experience of the uncanny can often evoke fear, unpleasantness and/or repulsion. Doppelgänger explores Freudian anxieties of the ‘uncanny’ and ‘double’ through repetitive...

Leave Ellen Alone, Ellen Formby, Video

Leave Ellen Alone is a live self-portrait that features the artist and her mobile device becoming intertwined. The voiceover you hear is “Siri”, which has been programmed to play on loudspeaker, delivering messages received by the artist on her iPhone. Although the artist has hired participants to send messages at...

Metropolitan Airways, Nayia Frangouli, Video

Nayia Frangouli, Greece, Metropolitan Airways, 8 mins, 2001

Video Spell 1: Actions, video exhibition

Curated by Blair FrenchArtists: Phil Dadson, Lucas Ihlein, Tom Nicholson, Sanja Pahoki

Monster Pet, Anita Fricek, Video

ANTI-Chamber, Alex Gawronski, Video Installation

Presented at Whose Afraid of the Avant-Garde 3,  Performance Space, Sydney 2005; curated by Blair French Live video from micro colour CCTV cameraParticle Board, timber, MDF, carpet, photographs, perspex, glass, PVC plastic, TV monitor, micro video-camera, light, motor, paint, Letraset, art magazines

Civilized (version 2), Alex Gawronski, Video Installation

Presented at the Fauvette Loureiro Travelling Scholarship Award exhibition, Sydney College of the Arts galleries, 2007. Digital video, PAL, silent Duration: 7 sec loop repeated over approx 3mins, repeatedMDF, timber, stain, paint, perspex, tracing paper, video projector, DVD loop, PVC pipe, rope, eyelets, bolts  Rear projection of archival footage from the US led...