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Tracing Moonlight, Ella Condon, Video

Ella Condon’s recent moving image work Tracing Moonlight was created in partnership with Sydney Observatory.

Album Leaves, John Conomos, Video Installation

A three-channel video photo and neon installation dealing with the Diasporic Greek reflections on the artist's childhood, cinema and the visual arts.

Aura, John Conomos, Video

A video essay on the new ‘technological’ sublime in every day life.

Autumn Song, John Conomos, Single channel video work

Autobiographical performance about the artist’s childhood in a milk bar at Tempe and his ancestral forbearers from the Greek Island of Kythera. 23 minutes, SP Beta

Cyborg Ned, John Conomos, Video

An homage to Nam June Paik TV Buddha series, this video sculpture represents Ned Kelly as Australia’s first ‘cyborg’ outlaw.

Lake George (after Mark Rothko), John Conomos, Video

An homage to Mark Rothko, and also in the long take cinema tradition (specifically Jean-Marie Straub and the late Daniele Huillet’s Too Early, Too Late [1982]), a landscape video about the ‘disappearing’ lake located outside Canberra, Australia.

Indemnity General, Justine Cooper, Video

Indemnity General is a 4 part satirical mini-soap opera depicting the woes at the axis of an absurdist medical industrial complex. Credits Concept and Video: Justine Cooper Written by: Jason Lindner, Sean Cunningham, Joshua Scher and Scott Stein Video Editing: Andrew Freiband Sound Design and Music: Bradford Reed Voiceover:...

1987 227 Sep  
AVF '87 - Terrorising the Code - Recent U.S. Video, video exhibition

The Australian Video Festival, 1987. Terrorising the Code - Recent U.S. Video, Australian Centre For Photography 2 Sept-27 Sept 1987

Daniel Crooks: Manipulating time

Education thing ready to go.

Elevator no.3, Daniel Crooks, Video

Pugilist 449, Alex Davies, Single channel video work

Pugilist Series 449 is a single channel video installation in which a boxer (the artist’s sister) delivers a flurry of several hundred blows to the artist’s body and...

Biohead Karaoke, Anna Davis and Jason Gee, Video

Forced into Images, Destiny Deacon, Single channel video work

Partly fictitious and partly autobiographical, Destiny Deacon’s world is populated by a cast of dolls, family and friends who enact ‘soap opera’ vignettes (1). She dramatises human comedies and tragedies within invented and fabricated dioramas, her entourage accompanied by masks, props and costumes revealing human foibles....

Cassandra, Dennis Del Favero, Single channel video work

Cassandra forms part of the four-part Firewall project, exploring the concept of doors.

Depart Without Return, Shoufay Derz, Single channel video work

In Depart Without Return the artist lies in a small canoe shrouded in indigo silk with live blind moths covering her face so that she too is blind. The males flutter excitedly, squirting vibrant copper colored fluid until they find a female with which to join. After copulation the females...

Advance, Atanas Djonov, Video

Arrival, Atanas Djonov, Video

Dawn, Atanas Djonov, Video

Shedding (Inside Out), Atanas Djonov, Allan Giddy, Video Installation

Walking Together, Atanas Djonov, Video

Wave, Atanas Djonov, Video

Screen Test # 6 (Australiana) AKA James Dean Jesus, John A. Douglas, Video

John A Douglas - James Dean Jesus (excerpt) 2007.

Strange Land Vol 1, John A. Douglas, Video Installation

John A DouglasStrange Land Vol Ifeaturing Sari TM Kivinen & Liam BensonSoundtrack: Debra Petrovitch