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1991 18 May  
Video Visions, Video Screening

New International and Australian video art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Domain Theatre. presented by Electronic Media Arts (Australia) Ltd

Videotapes from New York, video collection

In 1975, the National Gallery of Victoria purchased a collection of fourteen videotapes from New York. They were initially presented in the modern European Gallery (NGV: St Kilda Rd) on two monitors. The works were selected by Annette Dixon the then Curator of European Art at the NGV, and are...

We All Know, Video

Video by Tim Gruchy and Stephen Jones Audio by Tim Gruchy and Terry Murphy From ZIP - III multimedia package Video produced at Heuristic Video

1977 1223 Sep  
You, Them and Us, Video Installation

Judi Stack and Bob Weis, You, Them and Us (1976-77) Ewing & George Paton Galleries (Melbourne University Students Union). 12-23 September, 1977.

Infinite Love, Owen Leong, Video

Infinite Love depicts the artist with his mouth kept forcibly open with a dental retractor, as a heart made of frozen milk melts and drips whiteness into his open mouth. This video portrait subverts our relationship to the corporeal through the abject, to disrupt body language and break behavioural codes, exploring...

Permission to Narrate, Zehra Ahmed, Video Installation

Graffiti art by Meph, beatboxing by Ozi Batla from the Australian hip-hop group 'The Herd'. Shown at Performance Space, Artspace and Newcastle Regional Gallery, Campbelltown Arts Centre, and other venues.

Floral Gimp/Queer Decay (short edit), Celeste Juliet Aldahn , Video

Floral Gimp/Queer Decay draws from the lineage of feminist art, reclaiming the female body through performance and roleAreversal and using parody and play to examine persona, space and spirituality. Parallels are drawn between the...

Everything, Peter Alwast, Video

Everything combines digital animation and 3-D computer modelling with video, photography and abstract painting. The virtual microcosm Alwast presents in the work is an entirely constructed digital ‘stage’ where potentially anything can be included. As the artist describes, the idea for the work stemmed from an experience of sitting at his...

Janek the Cloud, Peter Alwast, Video

Production stills

ShwAAA, Peter Alwast, Video

ShwAAA tower shoots out blobs from its core which morph into ready made suburbs. This fabricated suburban environment is a controllable content of the ShwAAA factory, however there is an entity in this landscape that disrupts the gaze of ShwAAA called The Spirit of The Plains. Somewhere between the real...

There There, Video

By Peter Alwast

The Harm Machine, Ian Andrews, Video

Coldwar technofear and scientific terror. A humorous look at the psuedo-scientific and psuedo-philosophical discourse of 1950s B grade sci-fi and catastrophy films. An assemblage of "found" concrete poetry and recombinant images.

THOUGHTS ON CIRCLES (IGULIM), David Asher Brook, Single channel video work

Creation is described in Kabbala as a process including Circles (Igulim) and Straightness (Yosher). Igulim describes a Divine light that does not tailor itself to the recipient - it surrounds its subject and is not internalized. It remains undefined and infinite like a circle that has no beginning or end....

3494 Houses + 1 Fence, Mireille Astore, Fabian Astore, Video

The street scape of Broken Hill, "the accessible outback" country town of Australia, is seen from the viewing platform of a Lebanese reality. ...

Articulated Silences, Fabian Astore, Video

Efface: Death Becomes Her, Mireille Astore, Video

Efface: Death Becomes Her is a video and performance that examines eternal grief as a continuum between a desired state and the imminent and natural occurrence of death. It...

Not From Here, Mireille Astore, Video

Not From Here is a video based on an undated historical photograph found in the archives of the Broken Hill City Library in outback Australia. The photograph of a group of 12 young women and one young man was probably taken...

The Defenestrascope, Steven Ball, Video

The Ground, the Sky and the Island, Steven Ball, Video

This video reworks photographs, super 8 film, sound and anecdotal text from...

The War on Television, Steven Ball, Video

The War on Television is made almost entirely from images derived from interference fractured digital television broadcasts. These are randomly processed and manipulated through layers of scratch techniques exaggerating the stuttering fragmentation.

Disappearing Act, Barbara Cleveland, Video

Set against a stark black backdrop, the four members of Barbara Cleveland perform a literal act of disappearance. The locked off camera is placed at the beginning of a hand made cardboard tunnel, which intermittently omits an impotent puff of smoke lit up by a single light at...

One Hour Laugh, Barbara Cleveland, Video

In One Hour Laugh the four members of Barbara Cleveland perform a routine of endurance laughter. Over the course of the hour, their laughter travels between tedium to strain, to genuine hilarity, to humiliation. Barbara Cleveland’s unsettling laughter parodies the austerity of performance art documentation through overt theatricality and seemingly senseless enjoyment.

Runaway, Barbara Cleveland, Video

Videographer: William Mansfield Music Track: Runaway, Kevin Blechdom In Runaway theatricality and the filmic converge in an emotive explosion of fake blood, fake sweat and fake tits. Through the darkness a female figure runs in slow motion, spurted in blood, her top ripped open and...

This is Barbara Cleveland, Barbara Cleveland, Video

This is Barbara Cleveland is the second in a series of works exploring the life and legacy of the mythic performance artist Barbara Cleveland. During a brief period from the late 1970s to the early 1980s, Cleveland is said to have produced a series of provocative, implicitly feminist performances before disappearing...

What Do I Do? 1970-2009, Barbara Cleveland, Video

What do I do? (1970-2009) is a two-screen adaptation of two performances by Vito Acconci from the 1970s in which the artist framed simple questions and actions around the basic substance of a performance practice: to utter something; to do something. The artists fragment and repeat Acconci’s speech and actions –...