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Words are not hard, Eugenia Raskopoulos, Video

Digital video, sound, 4:16 minutes

The Waves, Benjamin Read, Video

The Waves (2015) is a digital animated film, created in Cinema 4D that explores the space behind the frame, seeing something from a new perspective. The effect of the waves gives the sensation of being in a different location and immerses the viewer into a state...

Under the pump, Tessa Rex, Video

Under the Pump captures the colour-blocked anatomy of petrol stations and big industry. Tessa Rex’s compositions show a cinematic consideration for the distinct shapes of oil-driven infrastructure, and how they occupy peripheral spaces. ...

Credits, Elvis Richardson, Video

DVD by Elvis Richardson 15 mins looped

Driving Around, Elvis Richardson, Video

Auckland NZ and El Centro California USA

Funeral March Quartet, Elvis Richardson, Video

Tomorrow, Elvis Richardson, Video

Yesterday, Elvis Richardson, Video

Progressively Degrading Test Patterns, Matte Rochford, Single channel video work

          Matte Rochford, Progressively Degrading Test Patterns, 2012, digital video from VHS with sound, 9:38 min

Untouchable, David Rosetzky , Video

3 channel synchronised digital video projection, colour, sound.

BBQ this Sunday, BYO, Joan Ross, digital artwork

Joan Ross is an artist with a long history of dissecting Australia’s colonial past. Her works include sculpture and installation, painting, drawing and video. In her recent series, BBQ this Sunday, BYO, Ross returns to this theme with a series of colonialist adaptations of the paintings of Joseph Lycett, an...

Untitled #1 (fish), Nina Ross, Video

Drawing on my experiences of living in Norway and learning Norwegian, Untitled # 1 (fish) is a self-portrait performance video that investigates a partner’s influence on learning a language through learning how to fillet a fish. Not simply exploring the idea of being lost in translation, it examines the interpretation and...

Plumes, Ariel Maria Ruby, Video

Plumes uses digital media to explore ‘produced’ natural forms. Capturing the reaction between colliding liquids of different viscosities, Plumes gives the resulting technicolor-highlights and almost-living, organ-like forms, a narrative power.

ROME BURNS, Ben Rushton, Video

As a visual artist with an interest in screen based work, my focus is to demonstrate how sound enhances the success of the moving image. Since having been introduced to the work of Stan Brakhage (1933-2003), the realisation that the moving image can be much more than linear storytelling, on par...

Primal debug, Lynne Sanderson, Video

SP Beta video, colour, 5:11 min.

Fleet, Catherine Saniga, Single channel video work

We underestimate grief’s gifts awakening in us emotional and spiritual intelligence. I found the Yarra River in winter a place of deep comfort as its trees and banks seeped with sadness and soothed me in a way I did not think possible. My father’s death a year ago has been...

M. Station Run, Saki Satom, Video

Saki Satom, Japan, M. Station Run, 5 mins, 1998

Naval Novella, Sylvia Schwenk, Video

Naval Novella demystifies the Navy breaking down some of the barriers that exist between Defence personnel and civilians. The film shows the human side of the Royal Australian Navy uniquely allowing people to access...

Play: Portraiture and Performance in Video Art from Australia and New Zealand, video exhibition

PLAY featured the work of ten leading Australasian video artists who explore the relationship between the documentary aspects of video and its formal, fluid qualities to capture the performative elements of everyday life. These artists share an interest in the extent to which...

Alluvium (1983), Jill Scott, Single channel video work

Alluvium (1983) Shown at:Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery – Sydney, Australia.26 May–11 June, 1983.

Double Dream (1985), Jill Scott, Videotape

Double Dream (1985)Videotape (media critical narrative) and video installation. Sound track from environmental sound sampled on Fairlight CMI

Double Space (1985), Jill Scott, Single channel video work

Double Space (1985)Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney, Australia. 6-24 August, 1985

Extruded Snow, Ashley Scott, Video

Shown at Don't Look Gallery, Sydney, 2007.

Hot Not, Rachel Scott, Single channel video work

Single channel digital videoDuration: 03:17

Indistinctivation, Ashley Scott, Video