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Mother, Tracey Moffatt, Video

Mother, (with Gary Hillberg as collaborating artist), digital betacam transferred to DVD, colour, stereo, 20 min, 2009.

Other, Tracey Moffatt, Video

Other, (with Gary Hillberg as collaborating artist), digital betacam transferred to DVD, colour, stereo, 7 min, 2009.

2009 3 Oct29 Nov  
Video Swell, Video Screening

Art Gallery of New South Wales Art Gallery Road The Domain, Sydney A single and dual screening video program showcasing a selection of contemporary video art in Sydney. Shaun Gladwellscreening 2 - 18 October The Kingpinsscreening 20 October - 1 November TV Moore screening 2 - 15 November Kate Murphyscreening 16 - 29...

Fertile Land - Wet #2, Hidenobu Mori, Video

Roland BARTHES once pointed out that the basic material of a movie is photograph. That's a moving image of photographs, is completing flawless, and a full world view is lost from not being One to talk about it. There is no "inclination towards the future", and in photography, there is...

Blue X, Matthew Morison, Video

Blue X is about the process of drifting away from the relentlessness of work and social obligations, and in that space stripping away the fat from our desires and needs....

A Song Around, Between and Through, Scott Morrison, Video Installation

Melbourne Propaganda Window 2010

Small Choir, Scott Morrison, Single channel video work

Scott Morrison intertwines video installation and intricate sound compositions to create new ways of viewing both natural and synthetic environments. Morrison’s new work, Small Choir, is a single channel video that moves into an increasingly complex yet seemingly familiar world of natural elements. This rhythmic and undulating work combines his interest...

Dog Eat Dog, Daniel Mudie Cunningham , Single channel video work

Chew it up and spit it out. Samples:‘I Wanna Be Your Man’, The Beatles, 1963; ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ by The Stooges, 1969

Hold Your Breath, Daniel Mudie Cunningham , Video Installation

Animation: Wendy Chandler Sound: Heath Franco Documentation of video installation The Fall Before Fall, UTS Gallery 13 September – 14 October 2011

Oh Industry, Daniel Mudie Cunningham , Single channel video work

Filmed at Newington Armory, Oh Industry, 2009, mashes popular culture depictions of factory, military and naval labour with the amusements and distractions of early 20th century modern life. Bette Midler’s performance of the song ‘Oh Industry’ from the film Beaches (1988) and the popular film serial The...

Proud Mary 2012, Daniel Mudie Cunningham , Single channel video work

This is the song Daniel Mudie Cunningham wants played at his funeral. Daniel has always been obsessed by Tina Turner's Proud Mary since seeing her perform live in Sydney in 1991 and 1993. The sublime experience of seeing a powder keg like Tina perform the song inspired its selection as his...

Rhymes With Failure, Daniel Mudie Cunningham , Single channel video work

Performers: Daniel Mudie Cunningham & Rachel Roberts Music: George Tillianakis Camera: Don Cameron Editor: Vera Hong Cello Designer: Drew Bickford Filmed on location at Mrs Macquarie's Chair, Sydney, 18 August 2010 Exhibited in Rhymes with Failure, MOP Projects, 30 September - 17 OctoberExhibited in Fisher's Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Arts Centre, 6-21...

Take My Breath Away, Daniel Mudie Cunningham , Single channel video work

Take My Breath Away re-imagines Marina Abramovic and Ulay’s iconic 1977 performance Breathing In Breathing Out. The exchange of human breath between two men is mediated by a white balloon. Breathing is transformed from inhaling and exhaling into blowing and sucking, rendering this compulsory life-sustaining act into a compulsive, perverse,...

Troll, Daniel Mudie Cunningham , Single channel video work

Daniel Mudie Cunningham's first ever video. VHS single channel video with sound, 3:18 min Performers: Michelle Seamons, Herbert NgSample: ‘Take Some Petrol Darling’, The Sugarcubes, 1988 Exhibited: AFI Cinema (now Chauvel Cinema), 1993.

Unstuck, Daniel Mudie Cunningham , Single channel video work

Once upon a time there was a dark, dark cemeteryIn the cemetery there was a dark, dark groundUnder the dark, dark ground was a dark, dark coffinIn the dark, dark coffin was a dead man - Daryl Mudie, 1983

Duchenne's Smile, Anna Munster, Michele Barker, Video Installation

In this two-channel installation, we explore the heritage of Duchenne’s smile from the staging and construction of ‘genuine’ expression in the development of 19th century neurological science through to attempts to capture facial expression in contemporary face recognition software. Are images and declarations that ‘real’ ...

2007 8 Feb22 Mar  
Michele Barker and Anna Munster: Struck, video exhibition

Anna Munster and Michele Barker presented the Australian premiere of their multi-channel video and sound installation, Struck - a work that critically addresses the complexities of being diagnosed with a neurological disease.

Assembly, Kate Murphy, Single channel video work

Assembly observes a morning ritual of prayer and movement, performed by primary school students. The children move in time: expressing themselves with their arms, hands and faces. The children move in response to 'reflection exercises' being read out from prayer cards that are used daily in...

Britney Love, Kate Murphy, Single channel video work

Britney Love (2000) is a result of Kate Murphy’s interaction and friendship with an eleven year old girl whom she met while living in Glasgow, Scotland. The subject, Brittaney Love, and Murphy shared a fascination with pop culture and the latest pop star, who happened to share...

Britney Love (2007), Kate Murphy, Single channel video work

Seven years later in 2007, Murphy revisited the subject to make a follow-up of the piece, Britney Love (2007), in a direct reference to Michael Apted’s influential documentary project, the 7 up series. Now at 18 years of age Brittaney Love still aspires...

Count me in, Kate Murphy, Single channel video work

Kate Murphy's Count me in continues her fascination with the accidental and the unaware performer. Murphy is interested in the crossover between performance and the everyday as a dance. In this single channel video installation, Murphy's fixed camera is set up in the wings of a theatre at a high...

Cry me a future (Dublin), Kate Murphy, Video

Kate Murphy's self-portrait Cry me a future (Dublin), pays homage to festive periods spent alone reminiscing about the past and wondering what the future holds. Murphy's recordings of visits to psychics during her travels to Dublin, New York and Sydney, allude to our desire to search for answers of what awaits...

I've been to paradise, Kate Murphy, Single channel video work

I've been to Paradise plays with the familiar genres of pop video and home movie. Murphy is the artist turned pop star, belting out Never Been to Me by Charlene on a beige leatherette lounge. Murphy mocks and subverts the language of aesthetics of Top of...

Joe Hill, Kate Murphy, Video Installation

2 channel digital video installation  Single channel stereo sound  In Joe Hill we witness the private act of a man, alone, in the middle of the night, making his testimony for the song he wants played at his funeral. The solitary act of this man’s demonstration is recorded by two cameras: the...