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Blind Ned, Derek Kreckler, Single channel video work

 2'10' Ned Kelly was an infamous Australian bushranger. Ned was not blind. I have made Ned Blind. I did this for reasons that are not easy to explain. Blind Ned reflects my feelings about the current political situation in Australia.

Āpa yahām̐ nahīṁ haiṁ [You are not here], Shivanjani Lal, Single channel video work

[You are not here] is a video momento mori to the artist’s Grandmother; a symbolic representation of memory and an invitation for an audience to engage and meditate alongside the artist’s personal history and nostalgic sentiment. In the work, the photographic image belonging to the artist is eroded - both...

Sine, Ben Lang, Video

Sine depicts the process of aliasing, and explores the limits of compression and conservation. A sine wave of infinite length collapses on itself, such that the frequency increases while the amplitude remains constant. The frequency soon exceeds the capacity of the pixels to represent it, exposing the necessity for constant re-calculation...

Oedipals, Akira and Nathan Lasker, Video

Oedipals is a single channel video performance that explores emotional and physical transference between twins. Engaging in a series of hygiene rituals, we stalk the notion of the original wound. Attempting to redress our splitting at birth through intense, physical means, we become one complete subject, reunited in subjectivity.

Girl on Fire, Tony Lawrence, Video

This found footage 8mm news reel film of underwater ballet has a red rust effect flowing through it. Known as oxidation reduction reaction or Redox – it is usually caused by peroxides emanating from aging wood found in film cardboard storage boxes. A sparse piano and electronic soundtrack adds to...

White Sands, Tony Lawrence, Video

This found footage film is a home movie dated 1948. A young family plays in the gypsum dunes of White Sands. A haunting electronica soundtrack and an opaque sky add to the dream-like landscape as figures wistfully play.    Tony Lawrence, White Sands, 2010, super 8 film/ digital video, stereo sound, 6:55 min

Bogan Proof Fences, Brendan Lee, Video

Bogan Proof Fences is the title of a series presented in the exhibition as a continuous work. The narrative is non linear and the video and photographic artworks of Brendan Lee are an exploration of the evolutionary nature of Australian cultural identity.

Skids, Brendan Lee, Video

Video Spell 3: Reanimate, video exhibition

Curated by Blair FrenchArtists: Brendan Lee, Margaret Morgan Video Spell was the umbrella title for a program of four exhibitions presented by Performance Space during 2003 and 2004. This program was conceived in response to the extraordinary currency of video within contemporary visual arts practices,...

'BORDERS / TENSIONS’, Matto Lucas, Video

In an attempt to document the self-imposed borders and restrictions imposed upon male affection and interactions by the heteronormative patriarchy, Matto Lucas Visual Artist invited multiple strangers of varying sexual identities to interact ...

Shaving Alopecia, Brigette Lucas, Single channel video work

This specific artwork was created during the emotional journey of losing my hair to the autoimmune condition known as Alopecia. Losing my head hair has had a huge impact on my life and has subsequently led me to further research the critical role that hair plays in society and culture. ...

Robbie Fraser, Kenny Macleod, Video

Kenny Macleod, UK, Robbie Fraser, 16:30 mins, 2000

Parallax Drift (Lambeth), Jess MacNeil, Video

Portrait aligned digital video15 minutes 41 seconds

Parallax Float (Southwark), Jess MacNeil, Video

Portrait aligned digital video14 minutes 

Revolution, Jess MacNeil, Video

The Swimmers, Jess MacNeil, Video

High definition digital video 4 minutes 

The Wall, Jess MacNeil, Video

The Wall is an abstraction of an everyday scene, an ocean pool against an ocean backdrop at high tide, under the onslaught of a set of waves. The rotation of the picture plane, organic motion of the water, and underlying geometry of the pool allow this scene to slip unhinged...

Wake: Windermere, Jess MacNeil, Video

Dual channel high definition digital video13 minutes 43 seconds

Oil Dancer, Tolmie MacRae, Video

Oil Dancer grew out of collaboration and experimentation with a fan dancer. The original intention was to explore a particular technique – but in trying to capture this elusive performance, the hypnotic and meditative rhythm and, movements of the dancer, spiraled this piece in a completely different, unexpected direction.   Tolmie MacRae,...

Underbellies, James Maher, Andrew Styan, Video

Underbellies (2015) is the result of a collaboration between artist Andrew Styan, and composer and sound artist James Maher. Underbellies explores the insidious nature of late-stage capitalism/neo-liberalism and the way in which it affects the world we live in, particularly, through the way in which the negligent use of fossil...

D-VOID, Alan Schacher, Video

Director: Michelle Mahrer Concept for television: Michelle Mahrer & Alan Schacher Choreographed & performed by Gravity Feed: Alan Schacher, Denis Beaubois, Ari Ehrlich Sound: Rik Rue Produced by Moshe Rosenzweig for SBS TV