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November Eleven, part 1, Peter Kennedy, Video Installation

November ElevenU-matic video, 18 minutes, 1979John Hughes, Andrew Scollo with Peter KennedySound: John Scott, Robert MooreVideo colorizing Robert Randall, Frank Bendinelli   November Eleven is the moving image component of an installation work designed by Peter Kennedy for the Biennale of Sydney in 1979.

November Eleven: Work in Progress, Peter Kennedy, Video Installation

November Eleven: Work in Progress, 1” video, 19 minutes, 1981John Hughes with Peter KennedyCast: Carolyn Howard, Paul Davies

On Sacred Land, Peter Kennedy, Video Installation

On Sacred Land, 1” video, 18 minutes, 1983-4John Hughes with Peter KennedyAnimation: John Hansen Warning to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers: this film may contain images of deceased persons. On Sacred Land is the moving image component of an installation work designed by Peter Kennedy and featuring a large ‘history...

1971 23 Nov 7 Dec  
Parrot, Peter Kennedy, Video

Parrot – Performed by Barbara Hall and Peter Kennedy Piece of five-minute duration …

1971 23 Nov 7 Dec  
Tension, Peter Kennedy, Video

Tension – No.1 & No.2 – Performed by Peter Kennedy

1971 23 Nov 7 Dec  
Two Body Concerts, Peter Kennedy, Video

Two Body Concerts – Part 1 & 2. Performed by Peter Kennedy & Barbara Hall. Contact mikes and amplification by David Ahern. Piece of twenty minutes duration …… Two Body Concerts (duration ten minutes each)

A Lake Without Water, Video Installation

Alex Kershaw – Director/ProducerScott Otto Anderson – Creative CollaboratorGail Priest – Sound Design8 channel video installationDVCPRO / DVD

One of Several Centres, Alex Kershaw, Video Installation

HDV 1080p25 / Quicktime files

The Phi Ta Khon Project, Alex Kershaw, Video Installation

In 2008 Alex Kershaw traveled to Dansai, a small town in Loei Province of Northeast Thailand on an Asialink Grant. His project was made in collaboration with the town council, village spirit leader and community during their annual Phi Ta Khon festival. Translated as 'ghosts follow people', Phi Ta Khon...

Nightshift, George Poonkhin Khut, Video Installation

Collaboration with performer Wendy McPhee Nightshift is a large scale multiple screen video installation. Six life sized video projections of McPhee’s emotive performances flicker across a grid of veil-like screens installed within the darkness of the gallery. Walking through the installation the viewer is surrounded by these...

Rhapsody Happens, The Kingpins, Video Installation

5 channel digital video transferred to DVD

The Kingpins Compilation, The Kingpins, Video

A short preview of excerpts from works by The Kingpins since 2000

This is My Remix Baby, The Kingpins, Video

Pathetic Fallacy, Elena Knox, Single channel video work

HD video, stereo sound, 4 minute 12 second loop Pathetic Fallacy is an intergenerational dialogue about growing old. Youth doesn't believe it will age. Age believes it knows best. Humans believe in the pathos of humanity. And the cycle continues.

Deep & Shallow, Laresa Kosloff, Video

Deep & Shallow is a video work that investigates characterization, group dynamics and ritualized behavior. A group of six women wearing garbage bag costumes enact a series of movements and...

Feeling for You, Laresa Kosloff, Video

This hand-drawn animation is an imaginary self-portrait, in which Kosloff executes a complex dance routine involving break-dance moves. Feeling for You explores the imaginative possibilities of...

New Diagonal, Laresa Kosloff, Video

New Diagonal is a choreographed video work that combines various movements from fast track athletics, aerial skiing, high diving, cycling and yoga. These movements were performed...

Office Skate, Laresa Kosloff, Video

Snap Happy, Laresa Kosloff, Video

Spirit & Muscle, Laresa Kosloff, Video

Spirit & Muscle recalls a range of cultural interests including sport, modern abstraction, dance and cartoons. The work indirectly refers to early Cubist experiments by Picasso, Bauhaus dance performances, ...

Stock Exchange, Laresa Kosloff, Video

Swell, Laresa Kosloff, Video