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The Cracks, Sam James, Video Installation

7 channel video installation Commissioned by Performance Space for the exhibition Nightshifters, curated by Bec Dean, 2010.

VIVARIA, Video Installation

4 channel video installationDirector/Video Artist: Sam James Performers: Martin del Amo, Georgie Read, Linda Luke, Peter Fraser, Lizzie ThomsonSound: Gail Priest

Eva, Stephen Jones, Single channel video work

An experiment in video feedback, Eva was produced at the Paddington Video Access Centre in 1978. The dancer is Eva Karczag. She has been mixed onto a background of video feedback which she is driving with the movements of her arms. The music was supplied by Warren Burt from sounds recorded...

Laughing Hands, Video

Laughing Hands were centred on Paul Schutze and Ian Russell. They worked in the new music scene in Melbourne in the very early 1980s. They were an improvisation group using tapes, synthesisers, guitar and hand percussion much of which was then treated through the synthesisers, producing their soft, insistent,...

1977 112 Feb  
Open Processes, video exhibition

Open Processes A video gallery installation at Watters Gallery, 1977

Performance Work as Social Work, Stephen Jones, Single channel video work

Stephen Jones' Performance Work as Social Work, (1977) documents some of the performance and installation work of the 2nd Biennale of Sydney (November, 1976) at the Art Gallery of NSW. Shot by Stephen Jones and Fujiko Nakaya with an Akai 1/4" Colour portapak, and edited at the Alexander Mackie CAE,...

Regions, Single channel video work

This is the video recorded from the performance of improvised music, dance and visuals presented by The Department of Music, University of Queensland in October, 1975. As described on the Regions Programme sheet:

Rehearsing Catastrophe: the Ark in Avoca, Lyndal Jones, Video Installation

The Avoca Project is an international art project in regional Victoria, Australia, centred on Watford House. Referred to locally as 'The Swiss House', this pre-fabricated gold-rush residence was imported from Germany in 1850. The house is thus an immigrant, its walls revealing stories of wealth and...

SPK, Stephen Jones, Video

SPK – Socialist Patients Kollective In 1978-79 SPK were one of the bands working around the Darlinghurst squats scene, playing at Garibaldi's and other inner city venues. They were very much an experimental noise band using synthesisers (EMS Synthi AKS), guitars and drum machines and had a distinct philosophical position born...

Syntheses: Horizontal Music, Stephen Jones, Single channel video work

This is perhaps the earliest work I completed, It is a visual music piece using computer graphics provided by Bush Video, oscillator images of the sound and video feedback. It was produced on 1/2" open reel video at the Brisbane Video Access Centre in 1975. The mix was done by...

1977 2122 May  
The First Video May Fair, video exhibition

First Video May Fair [Extract from program:] The weekend will be a video forum: the playback of videotapes and the discussion of how, where and why people are using video.

The Systems Interfacing Reports, Stephen Jones, Video

The Systems Interfacing Reports:System: Sol.Planet: Terra.Date: 1978.

1976 916 Sep  
Two Evenings of Experimental Video Tapes, video exhibition

At the Institute of Modern Art (IMA)24 Market St, Brisbane, Qld. 9 September and 16 September, 1976 Video tapes from artists and activists working in Brisbane over the period 1975 – 1976. The tapes were made either through the Brisbane Video Access Centre or at Griffith Uni Video Editing Workshop (later known as...

1978 9 July  
VideOzone, video exhibition

In mid-1978 the Paddington Video Access Centre had been operating at the Paddington Town Hall for about two years. The original video centre (known as City Video) had moved from its offices and workshop upstairs at 445 Oxford St, Paddington after the Town Hall renovations were completed and a two...

High Chair, Les Joynes, Video

Les Joynes, USA, High Chair, 2 mins, 1996

I Remember [Cindy Sherman], Ben Judd, Video

The video suggests a feeling of personal involvement with anonymous women that Judd saw on the street. The voice-over describes things that the women are wearing or doing, such as “I remember when you were walking along wearing your brown coat”, or “I remember when you were smoking a cigarette...

Sparks Fly, Rose Jurd, Video

Sound, Sample from Liaisons Dangereuses, Los Niños del Parque (1982) / Editing Assistant, Clare Powell Sparks Fly navigates the tense path between sexual subjecthood and objecthood, between defining sexuality while avoiding exploitation. This work depicts a club scene, where the women are stripped back, uncontrolled, moving with free-form gestures and tapping into...

The Stars, The Stars, Sarah Kaur, Video

In The Stars, The Stars, a dancer moves in a dark space. Sketched out against the infinite scatter of the night sky, she dances – stretching her body through space and time. In the summer of 2003 bush fires swept through Canberra. They devastated homes, communities and gutted the Mount Stromlo...

Beastliness, Deborah Kelly, Video

Collage as a medium has always been a vehicle by which to explore political and social concerns.

1971 23 Nov 7 Dec  
Indefinition Transference No.2, Peter Kennedy, Video

Indefinition Transference No.2 – Performed by Peter Kennedy Piece of ten minute duration … Video Indefinition Transference

Corner Feedback Situation, Peter Kennedy, Video

Corner Feedback Situation – Performed by Barbara Hall Piece or twenty minute duration ...… Acoustic Feedback for Performer in Corner Situation

1971 23 Nov 7 Dec  
For Silence do not Take Chances, Peter Kennedy, Video

For Silence do not take Chances – Negation of two sound sources by David Ahern and Peter Kennedy.

1972 23 May10 Jun  
Idea Demonstrations, Peter Kennedy, Mike Parr, Video

Presented at Inhibodress as Trans Art 1: Idea Demonstrations.

1971 23 Nov 7 Dec  
Indefintion Transference No.1, Peter Kennedy, Video

Indefinition Transference - No.1 – Performed by Peter Kennedy Piece of ten minute duration … … Video and Audio Indefinition Transference

1971 23 Nov 7 Dec  
Interlude, Peter Kennedy, Video

Interlude – Contemplation of a TV Screen with music accomp.