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1985 January  
Dog and Lizard Legend, Richard Guthrie, Video

Produced by SBS Television

Chronicles of the New Human Organism, Ian Haig, Video

The work references and cannibalizes ideas derived from Al Fry, JG Ballard, Rudolf Steiner, WilhelmReich, The Heavens Gate cult, Carl Sagan and Oscar Kiss Maerth. Delivered with a portentous, yet strangely soothing voiceover, Chronicles of the new human organism re-interprets the history of visionary thinking about...

Meat friends on the internet, Ian Haig, Video

The icon for a blank Facebook profile is re-configured to appear as a head consisting of visceral meat, layers of fat and tissue. This newly imagined Facebook profile is grounded not in the non body of a virtual place marker but the individual profile as bodily...

The Frozen Dead - cinematic homeostasis device, Ian Haig, Video Installation

A scene from a B-grade horror film ‘The Frozen Dead’ plays on a never ending loop, the scene in the film features a head that is in the process of being brought back to life.

The Supermarket, Or The Cute Girl I Kinda Fell For Because of Her Shopping, Josh Harle, Video

The Supermarket is a playful piece of oblique portraiture presented through my 'new media' version of a still life. 

Trafalgar St Tunnel, Josh Harle, Video

The Trafalgar St tunnel reconstruction uses cutting-edge digital capture technology to document and explore one of Sydney’s most eye-catching graffiti sites at two points in its recent history. The reconstruction approach combines thousands of photographs, using hundred of hours of processing time to render them into a single 3D model....

Drive: Motion Landscapes, Ross Harley, Video Installation

Drive, four channel video installation, 1995: “Alternative Realities”, curated by Rachel Kent, Ian Potter Gallery, University of Melbourne Museum of Art, 1995; Zhu Qizhan Gallery, Shanghai, 1995; Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, 1996; Chandigarh Art Museum, India, 1996; Bangalore Chitrikala Parasheth Museum, India, 1996; University of Science and Technology Exposition...

My Own Private Airspace, Ross Harley, 3D Animation

Sequence from Around the World in 80 Airports.

Slice, Justin Harvey, Video

The face of the current Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has become a ubiquitous image in Australian media. My social media streams feature his image frequently throughout the day and for the first few...

Rockchick, Karolyn Hatton, Video

Karolyn Hatton, USA, Rockchick, 5 mins, 2000

Energizing Everyday Objects, Chris Henschke, Single channel video work

A compilation of objects experimentally energized with 40,000 volt AC discharges; created and filmed by Chris Henschke at the RMIT Electrical Engineering High Voltage lab, in collaboration with Alan Wong and Rasara Lunuwilage.

Stereoscopic Worlds, Chris Henschke, Single channel video work

This video documents four new works created with support from the Australia Council Visual Arts Board: ‘Stereoscope’– an antique stereoscopic cabinet containing a sequence of stereo collages.

The Time Tunnel, Chris Henschke, Single channel video work

Another visual fusion experiment - putting bubble chamber particle tracks into some lo-fi walkthru video of the LHC tunnel at CERN - it is a time machine because it's 2013 meets 1968!

Intentions (v.1), Emma Hicks, Single channel video work

Intentions is part of an ongoing work that began on residency at The Banff Centre in Canada in 2013. Participants of the “Our Literal Speed” artist residency were asked via email to submit a how to / instructional You Tube video that related specifically to their art practice.  Intentions was...

3 Questions, Ritsuko Hidaka, Video

Sizzling Babes, Jiann Hughes, Single channel video work

My artistic practice is driven by a curiosity about how we perceive and so make sense of the world. Sizzling Babes introduces two young females from a perspective that challenges common expectations about their sentient capacities. The environment through which they are represented, the tempo of their movements and their acousmatic soundscape attempt to cleanse...

Bohemian Powerpuff, Eliza Hutchison, Video

Rally, Yasu Ichige, Video

"In another video, Rally (1996), we see an allusion of the theme. A man in a racing suit and helmet plays a computer game in a pub. He finishes the game which announces that he is the overall winner. Despite this accomplishment, his achievement goes completely unnoticed by the pub drinkers, thus...

Inside Television, John Jacobs, Video

Short version of the work distributed by recording on to the end of a commerial VHS tape of Videodrome, available from a video rental shop in Oxford St. Sydney.            

Amygdala: Fear Conditioning, Sam James, Video Installation

Remixed and manipulated archival projections from performance installed on twelve screens, synched as a single work. Sound: Gail Priest