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1977 623 Sep  
Dream Weekend: A Project for Australia., video exhibition

Ewing & George Paton Galleries, Lynn Hershman:

Drums and Trains, Video

In Paul Winkler’s highly personal 16mm film, Drums and Trains, a seemingly innocent child’s toy train and the ominous sounds drawn from archival footage of a boy-soldier striking a drum are looped, masked and reprinted across the screen surface of the work. These techniques have been perfected by Winkler over...

Emu Wear, Video Installation

This video installation at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre documented emu feather outfits made by Maria Fernanda Cardoso and worn by a professional model. Part performance, part fashion, part “animal-morphism”, this video sits side by side with the racks of emu wear and wall pieces on display...

1976 13 Nov19 Dec  
Event for Stretched Skin, Single channel video work

Videotape of performance recorded in Tokyo, Japan, 1975. Shown at the Biennale of Sydney 1976.

Get 2 Work, Get To Work , Video

Get 2 Work welcomes viewers into a world of play and observation. Through the immersive environment, the work acts as a meeting space that allows audiences to explore the relationships,  specific body movements, visuals and sounds created when categorising identities in Australia. Operating in accordance to their cultural backgrounds, Get...

Hollywood Burn, Soda_Jerk , Video

Artist statement, September 2013 "Hollywood Burn is an anti-copyright epic constructed from hundreds of samples plundered from the Hollywood archive. Made over 10 years, it is a bombastic free culture call-to-arms that is freely available to view, clone, screen and file-share.

Holy Word, Video

Collaborative video tape with Eva Schramm and Robert Randal & Frank Bendenelli Soundtrack: Warren Burt Exhibited at: Sydney Biennale 1982 – Studio Access Project: TE VE TABU, (20 April, 1982) NU VIEW - AFI Theatre, Melbourne, (3 Dec. 1982). Experimental Film & Video Festival - Munich Continuum - Scan Video Gallery, Tokyo 'Australie - la Reve et le Reel'...

Jungles, Video

Video by Tim Gruchy The song Jungles was from the ZIP book/EP package ZIP Eye Ear. The video was made at Heuristic Video in Sydney with Stephen Jones. It used a bed of performance material taken from The Zip Performing Group’s Ironing Board Dances, a series of hand painted 35mm slides...

Lip, Single channel video work

10min video in collaboration with Gary Hillberg

Methuselah, Video

Video by Cathy Vogan, 1993.

1977 1 Mar10 Jun  
National Gallery of Victoria Video Program, video exhibition

In 1977 the NGV ran a program of videotapes from its collection of video works from the United States. Many of the works were acquired in the original 1975 purchase by Annette Dixon.

1999 5 September  
Peter Callas: Initialising History, Video Screening

Peter Callas: Initialising History video works 1980-1999 selected and introduced by the artist The Art Gallery of New South Wales Domain Theater commissioned and produced by dLux media arts

proXy, Video Installation

Conceived, designed and co-directed by André Lepecki and Rachael Swain Music and sound by Paul Charlier Edited by Greg Ferris

Tap Hop, Soda_Jerk , Video Installation

2-channel video installation, sound, 16:9

1978 5 7 May  
The 2nd Video Mayfair, video exhibition

Video MayFair Sydney Filmmakers Coop 5-7 May, 1978 The Second Video Mayfair was run at the Sydney Filmmakers Co-op over Friday 5th to Sunday 7th May, 1978.

The Dream, Ariel , Video

Work shown in the touring exhibition Videotapes from Australia

The Foreignness of Language, Video

This self portrait, performance video piece draws on my experience of learning Norwegian to explore how second language acquisition influences and disrupts identity. Learning a language is about learning to participate in a culture. The process of learning a second tongue involves adapting and adjusting to knowing- or not knowing oneself in...

The Language Between Us, Video

The Language Between Us draws on my ongoing interest in language acquisition. After living in Norway for the past few years and learning Norwegian for my partner, I am interested in the appropriation of words; how one can take a language (foreign, patriarchal or mother tongue) and make it one’s...

The New Rhythm of Vision, Video

video by Tim Gruchy with music by Vision Four 5

The Phoenix Portal, Soda_Jerk , Video Installation

2-channel video installation, sound, 16:9

Touch, Video

Made during a stay in Dunedin.

2014 1 November  
Untitled #1 Pregnancy, Single channel video work

This work is a response to the plethora of daily comments directed towards me in my everyday happenings, by strangers discussing my large pregnant belly. Most, if not all of these comments were quite personal and based on no scientific evidence.