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Video Installation

land[sound]scape, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Video Installation

land[sound]scape, is a video and sound installation by starrs & cmielewski, curated into the third Guangzhou Triennial, China, that opened on 6th September 2008.

SMS_origins, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Video Installation

A phone number is displayed on a large screen in a public space along with the instruction “sms your family origins”. Participants sms their own and their parents places of birth to this number and linked curved vectors are added to a public map that updates in real time...

The Verdant Shed, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Video Installation

The Verdant Shed is a night-time video projection piece where the long dead trees that are the posts supporting the old shearing shed (now the Study Centre) appear to come to life, sprouting branches and leaves that sway in the wind. This refers to both the ...

Waterways, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Video Installation

Sydney Harbour! Gorgeous blue water, glittering city skyline, exclusive ‘dress circle’ suburbs, lovely fresh ocean air. However commercial fishing has been banned in Sydney harbour because the marine life is considered toxic. Recreational fishing is extensive, but fish caught on the Western side of the Harbour...

Babalogic II, Laurens Tan, Video Installation

Video installation: dual channel projection, custom cylindrical sanlunche, CAD ABS Tower.

The Shadowers, Monika Tichacek , Video Installation

In The Shadowers a sado-masochistic relationship of force and submission unfolds between three protagonists, or shadowers (one of whom is the artist). The interplay between these forces is presented in an episodic fashion: intrusive acts of physical force take place on the body alongside beguiling moments...

Tetra Vision Synth (TVS), Pia Van Gelder, Stephen Jones, Video Installation

Electronics, plastic, woodStructural design by Andy McDonnell

Screen Test, Daniel von Sturmer , Video Installation

4 Screen video installation and Kinetic object

Tableaux Plastique, Daniel von Sturmer , Video Installation

10 Screen video installation

The Cinema Complex, Daniel von Sturmer , Video Installation

7 screen HD video installation

The Field Equation, Daniel von Sturmer , Video Installation

8 screen video installation with objects Originally commissioned by ACCA as The Helen Macpherson Smith Commission 2006

The Object of Things, Daniel von Sturmer , Video Installation

5 Screen video installation with objects

The Truth Effect, Daniel von Sturmer , Video Installation

5 screen video installation.

Burn, Julie Vulcan, Video Installation

Past Elements Future Icons, Julie Vulcan, Video Installation

5 video monitors, 1 slide projection, 5 found glass objectsDuration: ranges from aprox 9:30 to 20:00min each on loopVideo/sound: Julie Vulcan The video monitors and slide projection are installed throughout 3 spaces in the gallery. The monitors arranged variously on their backs, sides, up high or at eye level. Each video...

Shadow Spin, Julie Vulcan, Video Installation

1 video monitor, 1 slide projector, 1 fishtank, 1 found wooden sideboardVideo/sound: Julie Vulcan

Silent but not dead, Julie Vulcan, Video Installation

3 video monitorsVideo/sound: Julie Vulcan Three monitors arranged variously on the floor, one on its back and two horizontally. The images merge graveyard angels with natural rock formations. The layers entwine and slowly merge emitting an unearthly glow. The work evolved through reflections on western disconnections between life and death and...

Tales from the Shadow Time, Julie Vulcan, Video Installation

2 video monitors, found objects – wood, corrugated iron, building rubbleVideo/sound: Julie Vulcan

The light fell – some new pain, Julie Vulcan, Video Installation

3 video monitors, found objects – building rubble, partial sculpted head, blue vase, bricks, black materialVideo/sound: Julie Vulcan