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Video Installation

5BY7, Video Installation

The Brothers Gruchy, Tim Gruchy and Mic Gruchy 6 channel video installation, 2008 Pullman Hotel - Olympic Park Sydney

After the Rainbow, Soda_Jerk , Video Installation

2-channel video installation, sound, 16:9

1991 1530 Nov  
AIVF '91 - Geoffrey Weary - Faraway, Video Installation

The 6th Australian international Video Festival, 1991.  [This entry is edited from the AIVF '91 catalogue entry and a Press Release. - SJ] Geoffrey Weary - Faraway

Astro Black, Soda_Jerk , Video Installation

4-channel video installation, sound, 16:9

2010 327 Sep  
AVF '87 - Allan Vizents: Asleep and Awake (1983), Video Installation

The Australian Video Festival, 1987. ALLAN VIZENTS - ASLEEP AND AWAKE (1983)  

1987 415 Sep  
AVF '87 - Dominik Barbier: The Red Shield, Video Installation

The Australian Video Festival, 1987. Dominik Barbier The Red Shield (1987)Curated by Brian Langer

1987 410 Sep  
AVF '87 - Scratch Video Installation, direct from Britain, Video Installation

The Australian Video Festival, 1987. SCRATCH VIDEO INSTALLATION DIRECT FROM BRITAINCurator: Brian Langer

Emu Wear, Video Installation

This video installation at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre documented emu feather outfits made by Maria Fernanda Cardoso and worn by a professional model. Part performance, part fashion, part “animal-morphism”, this video sits side by side with the racks of emu wear and wall pieces on display...

proXy, Video Installation

Conceived, designed and co-directed by André Lepecki and Rachael Swain Music and sound by Paul Charlier Edited by Greg Ferris

Tap Hop, Soda_Jerk , Video Installation

2-channel video installation, sound, 16:9

The Phoenix Portal, Soda_Jerk , Video Installation

2-channel video installation, sound, 16:9

1977 1223 Sep  
You, Them and Us, Video Installation

Judi Stack and Bob Weis, You, Them and Us (1976-77) Ewing & George Paton Galleries (Melbourne University Students Union). 12-23 September, 1977.

Permission to Narrate, Zehra Ahmed, Video Installation

Graffiti art by Meph, beatboxing by Ozi Batla from the Australian hip-hop group 'The Herd'. Shown at Performance Space, Artspace and Newcastle Regional Gallery, Campbelltown Arts Centre, and other venues.

Shit Rip, Ella Barclay, Video Installation

Struck, Michele Barker, Anna Munster, Video Installation

Struck is a multi-channel video and sound installation that questions how we are able to gain an ‘understanding’ of disease through interpreting medical data and imaging. The piece addresses the development and implications of visualization techniques as they are used in the detection and interpretation of...

The Chrissy Diaries, Anthea Behm, Video Installation

Four channel video installation, public performances, research paper

1987 327 Sep  
2nd Australian Video Festival - Two Video Installations, Video Installation

ART GALLERY OF NEW SOUTH WALES ALAN VIZENTS, SLEEP AND AWAKE (1983) - 3-27 September 1987 4 monitor video installation DENIS DEL FAVERO AND FILEF, LINEA DI FUOCO (1987) - 31 August-4 October 1987

1979 Animals, Peter Callas, Video Installation

dual screen installation with drawings, 1984Roslyn Oxley Gallery Sydney (1984); “Correspondences” University Gallery Hobart (1984) A series of drawings from 1979 (when I was living in the Shepherd & Newman Warehouse in Darlinghurst, Sydney) are reworked as video imagery through a series of negative/positive video mattes and wipes. The same set...

A Burning Church, Peter Callas, Video Installation

installation incorporating video, 1986“Ohya Underground” Ohya Quarry, Utsonomiya, Japan (1986) A small field monitor was placed on a menhir-like structure built of three pieces of quarried stone in the cavernous space of the Utsonomiya quarry near Nikko, Japan. The looped hand-drawn imagery, which is CVI-generated, is of figures fleeing a burning...

A Hole to China, Peter Callas, Video Installation

installation incorporating videos and built structures, 1989“In Transit” Festival of Canterbury, Canterbury (1989) Produced for “In Transit”, an exhibition of work by Australian artists in Canterbury, Kent, UK. The site was in a disused upmarket car show room which was scheduled to be demolished. A mandatory archaeological trench had been dug....

A House Divided, Peter Callas, Video Installation

installation incorporating videos and built structures, 1988“Ars Electronica” Bruckner Haus, Linz, Austria (1988)

A Story Story, Peter Callas, Video Installation

(with Diane Lloyd) three monitor installation 20:00 mins, 1981The Sydney Studio (1981) A Story Story was a 3 monitor piece predicated on the fact that all analogue tape decks in the era in which this tape was made (1981) ran at slightly different speeds. The three tapes all carry identical sound...