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Single channel video work

B for Art, Marr Grounds, Single channel video work

SECOND ART BIT INSTALLATION, 1976.Stairwell, Sandbags, Sheepskin, Art Bit Kit: artist/visitor interaction.Height 275cm x 550cm x 275cm.Biennale of Sydney, 1976, AGNSW.

Energizing Everyday Objects, Chris Henschke, Single channel video work

A compilation of objects experimentally energized with 40,000 volt AC discharges; created and filmed by Chris Henschke at the RMIT Electrical Engineering High Voltage lab, in collaboration with Alan Wong and Rasara Lunuwilage.

Stereoscopic Worlds, Chris Henschke, Single channel video work

This video documents four new works created with support from the Australia Council Visual Arts Board: ‘Stereoscope’– an antique stereoscopic cabinet containing a sequence of stereo collages.

The Time Tunnel, Chris Henschke, Single channel video work

Another visual fusion experiment - putting bubble chamber particle tracks into some lo-fi walkthru video of the LHC tunnel at CERN - it is a time machine because it's 2013 meets 1968!

Intentions (v.1), Emma Hicks, Single channel video work

Intentions is part of an ongoing work that began on residency at The Banff Centre in Canada in 2013. Participants of the “Our Literal Speed” artist residency were asked via email to submit a how to / instructional You Tube video that related specifically to their art practice.  Intentions was...

Sizzling Babes, Jiann Hughes, Single channel video work

My artistic practice is driven by a curiosity about how we perceive and so make sense of the world. Sizzling Babes introduces two young females from a perspective that challenges common expectations about their sentient capacities. The environment through which they are represented, the tempo of their movements and their acousmatic soundscape attempt to cleanse...

Eva, Stephen Jones, Single channel video work

An experiment in video feedback, Eva was produced at the Paddington Video Access Centre in 1978. The dancer is Eva Karczag. She has been mixed onto a background of video feedback which she is driving with the movements of her arms. The music was supplied by Warren Burt from sounds recorded...

Performance Work as Social Work, Stephen Jones, Single channel video work

Stephen Jones' Performance Work as Social Work, (1977) documents some of the performance and installation work of the 2nd Biennale of Sydney (November, 1976) at the Art Gallery of NSW. Shot by Stephen Jones and Fujiko Nakaya with an Akai 1/4" Colour portapak, and edited at the Alexander Mackie CAE,...

Regions, Single channel video work

This is the video recorded from the performance of improvised music, dance and visuals presented by The Department of Music, University of Queensland in October, 1975. As described on the Regions Programme sheet:

Syntheses: Horizontal Music, Stephen Jones, Single channel video work

This is perhaps the earliest work I completed, It is a visual music piece using computer graphics provided by Bush Video, oscillator images of the sound and video feedback. It was produced on 1/2" open reel video at the Brisbane Video Access Centre in 1975. The mix was done by...

Pathetic Fallacy, Elena Knox, Single channel video work

HD video, stereo sound, 4 minute 12 second loop Pathetic Fallacy is an intergenerational dialogue about growing old. Youth doesn't believe it will age. Age believes it knows best. Humans believe in the pathos of humanity. And the cycle continues.

Blind Ned, Derek Kreckler, Single channel video work

 2'10' Ned Kelly was an infamous Australian bushranger. Ned was not blind. I have made Ned Blind. I did this for reasons that are not easy to explain. Blind Ned reflects my feelings about the current political situation in Australia.

Āpa yahām̐ nahīṁ haiṁ [You are not here], Shivanjani Lal, Single channel video work

[You are not here] is a video momento mori to the artist’s Grandmother; a symbolic representation of memory and an invitation for an audience to engage and meditate alongside the artist’s personal history and nostalgic sentiment. In the work, the photographic image belonging to the artist is eroded - both...

Shaving Alopecia, Brigette Lucas, Single channel video work

This specific artwork was created during the emotional journey of losing my hair to the autoimmune condition known as Alopecia. Losing my head hair has had a huge impact on my life and has subsequently led me to further research the critical role that hair plays in society and culture. ...

Infinity, Miniature Malekpour, Single channel video work

Infinity is an experimental short film following a young man as he drags a body through the middle-eastern desert while battling his own demons along the way. As he battles on to survive in the scorching heat, his state of mind gradually descends as he gets closer and closer to...