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101 Ways to Humanize Technology, Sarah Buckius, Melanie Manos, Screen

Horse telescope, Michael Buckley, Screen

A-B-City, Brigitte Buehler, Dieter Hormel, Screen

Trashcansaction, Built-in ghosts, Screen

Indifference, Penelope Buitenhuis, Screen

Fine correction, Dmitry Bulnygin, mobile

Bath girls, Janet Burchill, Jennifer McAmley, Screen

Boulez-repon, Robert Cahen, Screen

Cartes postales, Robert Cahen, Screen

Concorde, Robert Cahen, Screen

Juste le temps, Robert Cahen, Screen

L'enreapercu, Robert Cahen, Screen

Trompe l'oeil, Robert Cahen, Screen

Circle of Confusion, Peter Callas, digital artwork

Digital printsBoutwell-Draper Gallery, Sydney (2004); ARC one Gallery, Melbourne (2007); “Digital Aesthetic”, Preston, UK (2012) The image series titled ‘Circle of Confusion’ is a part of a meditation on the Trionfo della Morte (‘The Triumph of Death’), an early 14th century fresco cycle in the Camposanto in Pisa.

Squareize - analogue to digital conversions, Peter Callas, digital artwork

Digital printsBoutwell-Draper Gallery, Sydney (2003); ARC one Gallery, Melbourne (2004)

The Deep, Peter Callas, digital artwork

“The Deep”, digital mural, 5 metres x 80 metres.Luna Park, Sydney (1994) Large digital mural for Luna Park ride. Peter Callas

Um Novo Tempo, Peter Callas, digital artwork

Digital prints, 1999-2003Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra (1999); Brisbane City Gallery (2000); War Memorial Art Gallery, University of Sydney (2000); “Heterosis”, Conde Duque, ARCO, Madrid (2002); Suzanne Biederberg Gallery, Amsterdam (2003); ARC one Gallery, Melbourne (2003) Imagery based on syncretic imagery in religious and political contexts in Brazil. The title,“A New Time”,...

Vinculum, Peter Callas, digital artwork

Digital prints, 2002-04Stills Gallery, Sydney (2002); ARC one Gallery, Melbourne (2004) A series of shaped panoramas produced during an Asialink residency at Sanskriti Kendra in Delhi. Peter Callas

A___B, Barbara Campbell, Film

Super 8 film, colour Shown at the 8th Sydney Super 8 Film Festival held at the Chauvel Cinema, 26 November 1987. An experimental film work made during a Super 8 workshop led by Geoff Weary at Tin Sheds Art Workshops, University of Sydney. The main ‘techniques’ employed were in-camera slow motion and coloured...

Banner, Barbara Campbell, Film

colour, sound, Super 8 Banner is described as "A compressed history of US expansionism by way of some well-known cultural icons."1 "Working backwards, the distinctive red stripes of Sydney's Coca Cola sign and REagan's Star Wars policy must have inspired that original star-spangled banner worked out by Betsy Ross and George Washington...

Cabinet of Madame Tussaud, Barbara Campbell, Film

"Madame Tussaud learnt her skills of wax modelling during the French Revolution. The Terror provided her with models more often dead than alive. The story of Madame Tussaud is woven around the great portrait machine of the revolution - the guillotine. Descriptions of its awesome efficiency and her gruesome task...

Home/Travel, Barbara Campbell, Film

Super 8 film, Dual projection, colourSound by Michelle Andringa This work had two iterations. In its initial form, it was the title given to a live performance that employed film loops as part of its visual material, and also used the gallery’s ‘cottage’ architecture and exterior plantings. Performed at:Australian Centre for Contemporary Art,...