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Experimental film

Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, Experimental film

The Cantrills might be said to have invented Expanded Cinema (at least in Australia) – in which the production and particularly the projection of films is not seen as a single screen form but one in which all kinds of things, from manipulation of the colour during the processing of...

Aus-Land or The Other Country, Kurt Brereton, Experimental film

Kurt Brereton still from Aus-Land or The Other Country, screened at Foreign Bodies Semiotic Conference Sydney Uni with George Alexander – live performance 

Elevation, Stephen Cummins, Experimental film

Resonance, Stephen Cummins, Simon Hunt, Experimental film

Mad Mesh, Experimental film

Mad Mesh was made by photographing disturbed mesh patterns from a television camera tube. An Image Orthicon camera in the Federal Engineering section of the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation at Gore Hill, Sydney) had developed a fault with the mesh in the pick-up tube that could be moved around with...

Continuous Sound and Image Moments, Jeffrey Shaw, Experimental film

With Tjebbe van Tijen.