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Fleshify the World, Ian Haig, Installation

The work visualises the gallery as a site of disease and sickness - as malignant tumours and other diseased bodily matter appear within the space of the gallery. Concept, development, direction original model and textures: Ian Haig, Sound: David Haberfeld, Sculpting: Fiona Edwards, Programming: Oliver Marriott, 3D...

Some Thing, Ian Haig, Sculpture

Intersecting both visual and media arts practices, Ian Haig interrogates alternate visions of the everyday, focusing on the visceral physicality of the human body. As playful as it is provoking, Haig’s practice embraces a wide range of media including site-specific installation, web delivery, animations, video, comics, drawings and interactive sculpture.

Luminesce, Leah Heiss, Installation

In luminesce Leah Heiss and Rosie Scott created an infinite subterrainean environment on the unreachable side of a shop front using a 2-way mirrored floor plane and Electroluminescent cable. The installation was part of the ambitious group show CONVERGENCE in which 8 artists/designers...

Polarity, Leah Heiss, Installation

Polarity (2012) is the latest iteration of the 'Polarise' series begun by Heiss in 2008-09. Drawing on ideas of fragility, mutability and intimacy, this captivating installation places collections of customised glass vessels on a table, each filled with a nano-engineered solution. A layer of black magnetic fluid lies at the base...

Magnus-Opus, Nigel Helyer, John Drummond, Installation

78 Bit, Chris Henschke, Installation

The piece was conceived and constructed just a few days before the opening, based upon a dream I had of a bread roll filled with audio ...

Virtual Reality Simulator, Robin Hungerford, installation with video

Sculpture with motorized turntable video camera and monitor.

test pattern, Ryoji Ikeda, Installation

test pattern is a system that converts any type of data (text, sounds, photos and movies) into barcode patterns and binary patterns of 0s and 1s. Through its application, the project aims to examine the relationship between critical points of device performance and the threshold of...

Rehearsing Catastrophe: the Ark in Sydney, Lyndal Jones, Installation

The Avoca Project is an international art project in regional Victoria, Australia, centred on Watford House. Referred to locally as 'The Swiss House', this pre-fabricated gold-rush residence was imported from Germany in 1850. The house is thus an immigrant, its walls revealing stories of wealth and...

Cubebot, Yu Kao, Installation

Yu Kao’s robotic artwork takes a critical view of human and computer interaction. The source of inspiration for this interactive work stemmed from various concepts of imperfection and impromptu, unrehearsed performances. By witnessing a number of intriguing street performances, the idea of manifesting spontaneous imperfection in a robot form was...

PLACE-Hampi, Sarah Kenderdine, Jeffrey Shaw, Dennis Del Favero, Interactive Video Installation

Place-Hampi is a vibrant theatre for embodied participation in the drama of Hindu mythology set into a real-world landscape. PLACE-Hampi provides the setting for a stereographic virtual landscape, populated by sixteen cylinders enclosing a constellation of cinematic events in which the audience can participate, traverse and examine at...

Unmakeloveable, Sarah Kenderdine, Jeffrey Shaw, Interactive Video Installation

Unmakeablelove is a revisioning of Beckett’s initial investigation in ‘The Lost Ones’ (1972) that focuses and makes interactively tangible, a state of confrontation and interpolation between our selves and another society that is operating in a severe state of physical and psychological entropy.

1971 827 Mar  
But the Fierce Blackman, Peter Kennedy, Installation

In March 1971 Peter Kennedy held a pair of installation shows concurrently under the overall label of Interference Variables, which he described as an exhibition in two phases.

Cardiomorphologies, George Poonkhin Khut, Interactive Video Installation

The Cardiomorphologies series explores the subjective spaces created through interaction with a simple geometric visualisation of realtime heart and breath rate data. The installation is comprised of one large foor-to-ceiling video projection, that is controlled by heart and breath signals from the participant who is seated...

Drawing Breath, George Poonkhin Khut, John Tonkin, Interactive Video Installation

Drawing Breath is the name of a series of breath-responsive works developed with artist and interaction designer John Tonkin. A stretch-sensing belt worn around the participant’s chest translates breath-related changes in chest diameter to a computer that transforms these movements into a dense array of trailing...

The Heart Library Project, George Poonkhin Khut, Interactive Video Installation

George Khut with David Morris-Oliveros and Caitlin Newton-Broad The Heart Library Project is an interactive art exhibition designed for presentation in hospital and health care settings, schools, museums and art galleries. It combines interactive heart rate controlled audio-visuals with audience participation to create a unique environment where...

Theta Lab, George Poonkhin Khut, Installation

Combining neurofeedback training with participatory art, and electronic music, Theta Lab explores the possibilities of a unique form of electronic art, in which attention, experience and compositional form become radically entwined.

1991 16 November  
The Open Channels Program and Famous for 30 Seconds, Screening

The Australian International Video Festival, 1991. [This entry is edited from the AIVF '91 catalogue entry and program notes. - SJ]

Free Movies, Derek Kreckler, Installation

Free Movies (1978)  is an installation using film and sound, an entity that self generated, self governed. The work was shown at the SASA Gallery, Adelaide South Australia.

web wuerfel werkstatt, Hanna Kuts, Viktor Dovhalyuk, Installation

The Glass Bell, Sophea Lerner, Installation