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Sarah Kenderdine, Artist

Professor Sarah Kenderdine researches at the forefront of interactive and immersive experiences for museums and galleries. In widely exhibited installation works, she has amalgamated cultural heritage with new media art practice, especially in the realms of interactive cinema, augmented reality and embodied narrative. In 2013, she...

Katrina Stamatopoulos, Artist

Katrina Stamatopoulos lives and works in London. In 2013, she participated in various exhibitions and screening events, including MiniArtVideoFest, Boudapest, We live as we dream, Alone, Archive_, Sydney and BorderBody, Mixing Cities and identities, Poland. Katrina has also held a solo show 'Specimens of a Collective...

Julie Vulcan, Artist

Julie Vulcan is a Sydney based performer and interdisciplinary artist. A UNSW College of Fine Arts graduate her early work (1988 – 92) focused on video and sound installation and appeared in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, represented by the 4th and 7th Australian International Video Festivals, ARX 3, Experimenta and...

Alexandra Spence, Artist

Alexandra Spence is a sound artist and improvising clarinettist from Sydney, Australia, currently based in Vancouver, Canada. She works within the fields of improvised music, electroacoustic composition and multimedia installation. Alex is interested in the relationship between humans and their sonic environments, in the connection between...

Leon Cmielewski, Artist

Leon Cmielewski is an artist, animator and designer, he has worked in both print design and broadcast television design.Over the past decade along with collaborator Josephine Starrs he has produced a range of video and interactive media projects which often use play as a strategy for engaging with the social...

Julianne Pierce, Curator

Julianne Pierce is an Australian curator, writer and producer specialising in digital and media arts. In September 2007 she relocated to the UK to take up the position of Executive Producer with Blast Theory. 

James Maher, Artist

James Maher (1990) is a composer and sound artist, based in Newcastle, NSW. In terms of his practice, Maher is interested in the notion of community interaction, political resistance through disruptive artistic processes, and the way in which sound and sonic phenomena can inform the phenomenological construction of social space....

David Perry, Artist

David Perry is an Australian experimental film and video-maker, and was a founding member of Ubu Films (1965).1 Previously he trained in the graphics arts (the printing trade) and aspects of graphic arts techniques can be seen in some of his works. 1. See also Mudie, p.97,98 and p.260, National Film Theatre...

Paul Winkler, Artist

Paul Winkler was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1939.  He immigrated to Australia in 1959 and began making experimental short films in 1962. Initially using 8mm cameras and editing technology for early works Winkler progressed to a Bolex 16mm camera to produce his films. He was associated with Corinne and Arthur Cantrill,Albie...

George Poonkhin Khut, Artist

George Poonkhin Khut is an Australian artist and interaction-designer working across the fields of electronic art, design and health. For the past 11 years he has been working with biofeedback technologies, creating intimate, body-focussed interactive artworks experiences, that re-frame our experiences of embodiment and presence. In...

Chris Henschke, Artist

Chris Henschke is a Melbourne-based artist who has been working with digital media for the past fifteen years. His main areas of research are in art/science relationships, interactive and hybrid media and experimental audio. His works have been shown in Australia and internationally, including the National Gallery of Australia, the...

Donna Kendrigan, Artist

Donna Kendrigan is an artist who works in new media including fine art, illustration and imaging, interactive art, video and animation, graphic design, sound design, music, installation art and performance.

Dominik Barbier, Artist

Artist and trained musician, Dominik Barbier works at the intersection of arts and electronic arts, creating video, sculptures, video installations, interactive electronic stage sets, and&nbsp

Squidsilo, Artist Duo

Julie Vulcan & Ashley Scott are two Sydney-based artists who have been collaborating on performance and technology-based projects as 'Squidsilo' since 2010.

Michael Hill, Artist

Michael Hill studied painting at the National Art School before studying for a BA in Sculpture and Installation at Sydney College of Art, Sydney University, and an MA in Media Art from the College of Fine Art at UNSW. In characteristic humour, he says he "spent seven years at art...

Eva Schramm, Artist

Working in collaboration with Gary Willis and others in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Eva Schramm was an important figure in the rise of video as an art form in Australia.